Views from the neighborhood

Have a great week. Are you cooking for Thanksgiving or visiting friends?

The phone call

Weeks later, we were at Nordstrom downtown Seattle and Mom wanted make up for her scar on her wrist. I was mortified when she approached a woman at a counter and asked for help. She showed her scar on her wrist and the woman behind the counter after an initial shocked look, was gracious and found something for my mom to cover up the scar.

Unfortunately, my internal scar never went away.

I am amazed I made it through the quarter and graduated.

Scams, scams and more scams

Phishing email/message

Received a suspicious email, or message or been directed to a fake website? Forward it to and then delete it. We’ll investigate it for you.

Don’t reply, open links, download attachments, or call any listed phone number.—help201

What scams do you see in your inbox? Have you heard of any other ones I didn’t mention? Are you worried AI will lead to more scams?

A glorious visit

From the MIM, here’s the Artists’s Gallery experience:


Celebrate music’s most influential artists.

In every time and place, there are musicians whose art deeply touches the lives of many. MIM’s Artist Gallery highlights these personalities with ever-changing exhibits that span sound, style, and era. Through generous partnerships, MIM features historic instruments owned, played, and loved by the musicians who have created a shared soundtrack to our lives for generations.

Nearly 40 displays showcase instruments and artifacts from some of the greatest musicians in the world. See and hear instruments played by icons such as Elvis Presley®, Tito Puente, the Carter Family and Johnny Cash, Roberta Flack, Glen Campbell, Joan Baez, Maroon 5, and many others.

Here are a few photos from my aunt’s visit:

What is your idea of a perfect house guest? What do you like to do when entertaining company?

When daily life changes

The only time Olive shows more displeasure is when the suitcase comes out.

Olive cat in suitcase.
Olive blocking me from packing. She has wicked polydactyl claws and is not afraid to use them.

Do your pets feel change in the air? What triggers them?

A welcome visit

brother with two sisters
Mom, her older brother and my aunt who my mom practically raised.

Who are visitors that you welcome with open arms?

What’s in a word?

Those words stuck with me because I enjoy idioms and finding out the etymology of words.

Spur of the moment — in great haste, referring to the use of spurs to urge a horse to move.

Above Board — a gambling term from the 17th century derived from card playing when cards had to be above the table in view. 

Underhand — the opposite of above board.

Aftermath — from the 17th century it means the result or consequence of something. In the 1500s it was called aftermowth and meant the second mowing of summer grass.

Ahead of the curve — became popular in the 1980s in business circles  referring to a graph and being ahead of trends or in the forefront.

Baloney — means rubbish or nonsense. Two theories are that it came from the Irish immigrants word blarney. Second, it’s Italian based on cheap bologna that is made of bits and pieces

Haywire — when things go wrong or out of control. In the early 1900s haywire was used to describe something poorly constructed. It was based on cheap wire that tangled easily and was used to bale hay.

Pass Muster — a military term from the 15 or 16th century where a soldier passes inspection. Now it means you undergo a review or examination successfully.

Make a clean sweep — now means to win everything but it originated with cleaning or sweeping in the 19th century.

What are some of your favorite sayings and where did the words originate from?

Here’s a video of the hawk enjoying a meal in our tree.