Published Works

Published in:

SwimSwam Magazine
Souvenirs, Gifts and Novelties Magazine
Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine
Los Angeles Times
Orange County Parenting
Ladybug Magazine
American Lifeguard
Palm Springs Life
Houghton Mifflin textbook
Laguna Beach Independent
The Desert Sun

Published stories:

The Colors of My Feelings, First place winner of children’s fiction Writer’s Digest, 2000.

When Mommy Trims the Roses, Ladybug Magazine, August 2000

We Once Had a Polliwog Pond, Ladybug Magazine, June 2000

Robert’s Secret, The Kids’ Reading Room, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 2005

How One Summer Camp Changed My Child’s Life, American Lifeguard Magazine, Winter 2005

Katfish, The Kids’ Reading Room, Los Angeles Times, May 2007

Pooling their talents, The Kids’ Reading Room, Los Angles Times, Oct. 2008

A Birthday for the Dogs, The Kids Reading Room, Los Angeles Times, 2010

Doggin, The Kids’ Reading Room, Los Angeles Times, 2011

17 Coaches Share Secrets of Swim Parenting Success, SwimSwam Magazine: Spring 2016

Olympic Journeys Are a Family Affair, SwimSwam Magazine: Summer 2016

College Coaches Share Recruiting Secrets, SwimSwam Magazine: Fall 2016

Chilean Coup Crew, SwimSwam Magazine: Spring 2021

Weekly parenting column, SwimSwam website Fall 2014 – Summer 2021

Feature writer for trade magazines Souvenir Gifts & Novelties and Tourist Attractions & Parks, 2020-2021


First place, Children’s Fiction, Writer’s Digest Magazine

First Place Mid Grade Fiction, So Cal SCBWI

Addy Awards – Desert Advertising Club and State of California