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Here’s a list of my articles published by SwimSwam.com

8/16/2021 Swim Mom Marni O’Dell on Raising Teagan

5/25/2021 Ask Swim Mom: What About Burnout?

March Print Issue of SwimSwam: The Chilean Coup Crew of 1973.

12/9/2020 Ask Swim Mom: New Team vs. Boarding School

10/30/2020 Swim Mom: 6 Life Lessons Learned

10/17/2020 Ask Swim Mom: My Parents Embarrass Me

9/23/2020 Swim Mom: Staying in Our Lanes

8/22/2020 Ask Swim Mom: Is it Allergies or Asthma?

8/1/2020 Ask Swim Mom: Anxiety or Arrhythmia?

7/11/2020 Swim Mom: Help Your Child Handle Disappointment

6/10/2020 Ask Swim Mom: When Will My Child Be Moved Up?

5/30/2020 The Secret to Motivating Our Kids

5/18/2020 Will City Pools Be a Casualty of Coronavirus

5/6/2020 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Seeing Things Differently

4/18/2020 Swim Mom: 11 Things I Miss About Swimming

4/12/2020 7 Tips for Great Conversations With Our Kids

3/26/20 Swim Mom: Make the Most Out of Every Opportunity

3/19/20 Ask Swim Mom: Does My Son Need to Swim Club to Swim in College?

3/12/20 Ask Swim Mom: Should Meets Be Electronic Free?

3/2/20  Ask Swim Mom: About Those Late Bloomers

2/21/20 5 Tips to Help Your Child at the Championship Meet

1/31/20 Ask Swim Mom: I Want My Child in the Senior Group

1/25/20 Ask Swim Mom: Should There Be a Maximum Practice Schedule

1/15/20 Ask Swim Mom: What About the Chlorine Cough?

1/2/20 Ask Swim Mom: My Son Is Skipping Practice

12/18/19 Five Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Child’s Coach

12/9/19 Swim Mom: How Swimming Prepares Your Child for the Real World

11/25/19 Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Skip High School Swimming?

11/14/19 What’s Not To Like About Relays?

11/6/19 Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Miss School for Meets?

10/29/19 Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Swim Doubles?

10/18/19 What I Miss Most About Being a Swim Family

10/11/2019 Swim Mom: Embrace the Community

10/2/2019 Ask Swim Mom: Should I help set goals?

9/25/2019 5 Things to Know Before Kids Go to College

9/19/2019 6 Parent Tips for Parents About Changing Teams

9/13/2019 Ask Swim Mom: When Is It Time to Step Back?

9/3/2019 5 Traps Parents Should Avoid

8/29/2019 Ask Swim Mom: Should My Child Specialize?

8/23/2019 Swim Mom: A Few Parent Tips for the New Season

8/15/2019 5 Parent Tips About Taking a Break

8/7/2019 Swim Mom: An Unlikely Role Model, Ryan Lochte

7/29/2019 7 Tips for Parents on Preparing for Target Meets

7/17/2019 Ask Swim Mom: My Son Hasn’t Been Recruited Yet

7/10/2019 The Silver Lining of Missing Goals

6/26/2019 We Are Not the Enemy

6/20/2019 Traits of Super Swim Parents

6/12/2019 Ask Swim Mom: Should I Force My Child to Go to Practice?

6/5/2019 3 Reasons Why Swim Parents Should Act Like Submarines

5/28/2019 Should Parents Use the Carrot or the Stick?

5/22/2019 Ask Swim Mom: I Think My Child Should Move Up

5/16/2019 4 Reasons Why Cities Should Support Swim Teams

5/9/2019 Is College Club Swimming the Right Choice for My Child?

5/2/2019 3 Tips for Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster

4/24/2019 Ask Swim Mom: What If the Coach Has Favorites?

4/17/2019 6 Parent Tips About Nerves at Meets

4/11/2019 Ask Swim Mom: What Makes a Great Coach?

4/3/2019 What Can Parens Do If No One Recruits Their Child?

3/20/2019 College Cheating Scandal Aside, the Good Things About College Athletics

3/13/19 9 Basics to Great Swim Parenting

3/7/2019 Where Are the Swim Spectators?

2/26/2019 Northview Vikings Swim Team Need Parkas

2/20/2019 Ask Swim Mom: Why Tear Down a Team After Leaving?

2/15/2019 Should My Child Go To Swim Camp?

2/5/2019 9 Easy Ideas for Snack Bars

1/30/2019 10 Minutes a Day for Happier Parents and Swimmers

1/23/19 Ask Swim Mom: What do I say when my child misses her cut?

1/14/19 3 Pros and Cons of Small and Large Teams

1/2/19 Ask Swim Mom: Can I Help My Swimmer Get Faster?

12/17/18 Four Things That Make a Swim Team Great

12/4/18 Less Is More in Swim Parenting

11/26/18 Secrets of Success for Swim Parents

11/20/18 Ask Swim Mom: What should I say after races?

11/13/18 10 Things Parents Can and Cannot Control

11/6/18 Should Parents Talk About Performance?

10/31/18 3 Reasons Why Swim Parents are Happy and Positive

10/24/18 Ask Swim Mom: Why Isn’t My Child Dropping Time?

10/16/18 Can Grit and Perseverance Be Taught?

10/9/18 Confessions of a Helicopter Mom: Learn from Mistakes

10/2/18 5 Ways Parents Can Help Handle Conflicts

9/25/18 From Swim Mom to Scilly Swimmer

9/19/18 10 Things I Learned from Swim Moms

9/12/18 What We Can Learn from Sam Darnold’s Parents

9/4/18 6 Things Parents Like to Do at Meets

8/21/18 Where did all the swim parent volunteers go?

8/14/18 Why kids should go on travel trips

8/14/18 Kids Ke Live Travel Kyu Jaruri Hai

7/31/18 Three Reasons Why Kids Need Morning Practice

7/24/18 10 Things That Make a Swim Meet Great

7/17/18 How Can Parents Encourage a Mindset of a Champion?

7/10/18 What Keeps Kids Coming Back to the Pool?

7/3/18 Should Parents Encourage Kids to Take Recruit Trips?

6/26/18 4 Parents Tips About Hard Work Vs. Talent

6/19/18 9 Ways Summers Are Different for Swim Families

6/13/18 Are Swim Parents Adding to Performance Pressure

6/5/18 5 Reasons Why Our Kids Like to Swim

5/29/18 Are You Ready For College Swim Parenting?

5/21/18 7 Swim Sayings for Swim Parents

5/14/18 10 Milestones for Swim Parents

5/8/18 6 Tips for Conversations After Meets and Practice

5/1/18 When Our Kids Have Big Dreams

4/24/18 Six Reasons Why Swimming Is A Great Family Sport

4/16/18 Why It’s Great to Have Standouts On Your Team

4/9/18 When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To Practice

4/3/18 6 Tips to Encourage Parent Volunteers

3/27/18 Why isn’t Caeleb Dressel a household name?

3/19/18 Will Swimming Pay for College?

3/12/18 6 Swim Parent Tips for the High School Season

2/27/2018 7 Parent Tips for the Conference Meet

2/20/18 The Swim Parents I Couldn’t Understand

2/13/2018 6 Takeaways for Swim Parents

2/6/2018 11 Ways Masters and Age Group Meets Are Different

1/30/2018 5 Traits Great Swim Parents Share

1/23/2018 Help Your Kids Get Better Every Day, In Every Way

1/15/2018 6 Signs Parents Like Swimming More Than Their Kids

1/8/2018 What To Do When Your Swimmer Is Injured

1/1/2018 2 Questions From New Swim Parents

12/29/17 Drei Tipps Fur Schwimmer Eltern

12/26/2017 Give Your Kids a Gift to Last a Lifetime

12/12/2017 9 Recruiting Tips From SwimSwam Readers

12/5/2017 The Swim Parents We Don’t Want to Be

11/27/2017 Why isn’t my swimmer dropping time?

11/20/2017 8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Swimming

11/13/2017 8 Things I Miss About My Kids’ Age Group Swimming Days

11/7/2017 One Tip for Swim Parents: Don’t Speak

10/31/17 5 Things Kids Gain From Swimming

10/25/17 7 Things Swim Families Share

10/17/17 One Tough Thing for Swim Teams

10/9/17 Do Coaches Look at Parents During Recruiting?

10/3/17 6 Traits Swimmer Have That Employers Want

9/25/17 4 Tips for Swim Parents About Recruiting

9/18/17 Little Things That Count in Swimming

9/14/17 Shirley Babashoff to Headline Southern Pacific Masters Clinic

9/11/17 Things to Say — or Not Say to Your Swimmer

9/5/17 How Can I Inspire My Child In Swimming?

8/29/17 Do You Have a Team of Givers or Takers?

8/22/17 4 Tips to Find Balance As a Swim Parent

8/14/17 4 Tips To Avoid Being A Helicopter Swim Parent

8/7/17 4 Tips for Swim Parents About Visiting Other Teams

8/1/17 5 Tips For Swim Parents About the Journey

7/17/17 Sippy Woodhead’s Tips for SwimSwam Parents

7/11/17 10 Reasons Why Swimmers Are the Best Kids

7/3/17 Does My Swimmer Need Private Lessons

6/19/17 Swim Parents: Take a Moment to Celebrate

6/16/17 10 Reasons Why Swim Dads Are the Best Dads

6/12/17 An Ode to the Goodie Bag

6/6/17 5 Thoughts For Swim Parents About Why Our Kids Swim

5/30/17 4 Thoughts For Swim Parents About Team Culture

5/22/17 5 Ways Open Water and Pool Meets Are Different

5/14/17 10 Reasons Why Swim Moms Are the Best Moms

5/9/2017 5 Tips for Swim Parents About Handling Conflicts

5/1/2017 Who Are These People and Why Did They DQ My Kid?

4/24/2017 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Go to Swim Camp

4/17/17 Should Ryan Lochte Be Allowed to Swim at US Masters Nationals?

4/10/17 3 Reasons Why Swim Parents Get a Bad Rap

4/3/2017 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Compete in High School Swim

3/28/2017 When Should Your Child and Age Group Swimmer Wear a Tech Suit?

3/20/2017 3 Ways for Swim Parents to Make the Final Year Count

3/13/2017 5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Swimmer’s Performance

3/6/2017 5 Amazing Things Michael Phelps Said About His Mom

2/27/2017 4 Parent Lessons About the Conference Meet

2/20/2017 4 Parent Tips About Phones and Social Media

2/13/2017 4 Tips to Let Our Kids Struggle and Grow

2/6/2017 5 Ways Swimming has Changed for Our Kids

1/30/2017 6 Positive Things to Help Your Kids Prepare for Meets

1/23/2017 5 Tips for Swim Parents Before the Big Meet

1/17/2017 What Should Your Child Eat at Swim Meets?

1/9/2017 Three Things Swim Parents Can and Cannot Control

1/2/2017 What’s the Best Advice for New Swim Parents?

12/26/2016 6 Reasons to Share the Joy of Swimming With Your Kids

12/19/16 Does Your Child Want to Swim in College?

12/12/16 7 of the Best Parent Volunteer Jobs at Swim Meets

12/5/16 4 Tips on How to Be a Great Swim Parent

11/28/16 5 Tips for When Your Swim Parenting Days Are Numbered

11/22/16 Six Thoughts for Swim Parents About Best Times

11/15/16 When Should Your Child Wear a Tech Suit?

11/7/16 6 Things Parents of Non-Swimmers Don’t Understand

10/31/16 3 Ways Swim Club Parents Board Can Avoid Embezzlement

10/24/16 5 Reasons Why Swim Parents Are the Best

10/18/16 How Does Social Media Affect Recruiting?

10/10/16 4 Thoughts for Swim Parents When Teams Fracture

10/3/2015 Why Do We Want Our Kids to Swim?

9/26/2016 What is a Parent’s Role in College Recruiting?

9/19/2016 6 Tips for Swim Parents About the Car Ride Home

9/12/2016 12 Reasons Why Swim Parents Should Swim Masters

9/6/2016 3 Tips About Choosing the Best Team

8/30/2016 5 Swim Parent Tips About a New Coach

8/22/16 Are Leadership Skills a Side Effect of Swimming?

8/18/16 6 Thoughts for Swim Parents About Positive Attitudes

8/8/16 8 Reasons Why Swim Parents Should Watch the Olympics With Their Kids

8/2/16 Three Tips for Swim Parents on When to Let Go

7/25/16 6 Things I’d Do Over as a Swim Parent

7/19/16 What Does It Mean to Let Your Child Take Ownership?

7/11/16 9 Things Parents of Distance Swimmers Know

7/7/16 6 Amazing Things Parents Do

6/20/16 Three Tips for Swim Parents About Effort

6/13/16 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Last Ditch

6/8/16 10 Ways to be the Worst Swim Parent Ever

5/31/16 7 Swim Parent Tips for When Your Swimmer Doesn’t Make the Cut

5/23/16 7 Swim Parent Tips to Stop Comparing Swimmers

5/16/16 4 Swim Parent Tips to Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

5/3/16 5 Swim Parent Tips for When Things Go Wrong

4/26/16 4 Questions for Swim Parents About Goals

4/22/16 6 Swim Parent Tips About Hard Work

4/13/16 4 Swim Parent Tips About Olympic Dreams

4/5/16 4 Swim Parent Tips About Consistency

3/29/16 Four Reasons Why Swim Parents Should Act Like Grandparents

3/22/16 4 Tips to be a Better Swim Parent

3/15/16 4 Swim Parent Tips About Team Loyalty

3/8/16 6 Things I Learned as a Swim Parent

2/29/16 A Swim Parent’s Reflection on the Senior’s Farewell

2/22/16  8 Swim Parent Reflections About Conference Meets

2/16/16 6 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Swim in College

2/9/16 5 Tips for Swim Parents to Leave Your Team a Little Better Than You Found It

2/1/16 11 Things I Never Knew About Swim Meets

1/26/16  6 Parent Tips to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Competition

1/19/16 6 Reasons to Become a Swim Family

1/12/16 7 Ways Swim Meets Prepare Our Kids for the Real World

1/5/16 8 Swim Parent Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety at Meets

12/29/15 21 New Year’s Resolutions for Swim Parents

12/21/15 11 Signs You’re Officially A Swim Parent

12/16/15 7 Reasons Why Your Team Should Host Meets

12/8/15 7 Parent Tips to Help Your Child Be More Positive

12/1/15 6 Swim Parent Tips Why Your Child Isn’t Getting Best Times

11/24/15 11 Tips for Swim Parents on What Kids Need to Know Before College

11/17/15 4 Tips for Swim Parents Why We Shouldn’t Coach Our Kids

11/10/15 12 Signs Your Child is Passionate About Swimming

10/27/15 9 Swim Parent Tips on What Makes a Coach Great

11/3/15 6 Tips for Swim Parents on Why Swimmers Quit

10/20/15 12 Hints You Might be a Hovering, Helicopter Swim Parent

10/14/15 8 Tips for Swim Parents: Why It’s Good to Lose

10/6/15 6 Tips on How to Be Happy Swim Parent

9/29/15 6 Tips for Swim Parents When Their Swimmer Says  “I don’t have a life”

9/24/15 Do Our Kids Learn Ethics in the Pool

9/15/15 A Swim Mom’s Memory of the First Meet

9/9/15 5 Things I Did Not Expect My Kids to Learn from Swimming

9/2/15 4-Time Olympian’s Thoughts on how to Prepare Kids for College

8/26/15 5 Fresh Starts to a New Season of Swim Parenting

8/19/15 6 Ways Swim Parents Can Encourage Great Swimmer Coach Relationships

8/12/15 11 Team Traditions I’m Thankful for as a Swim Parent

7/28/15 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Letting Our Kids Take Ownership

7/22/15 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Board Members

7/14/15 5 Things to Discuss With Your Swimmer About College

7/7/15 10 Signs You Might Be a Helicopter Swim Parent

6/30/15 11 Tips About Really, Really Bad Swims

6/23/15 One Tip for Swim Parents About Relays

6/16/15 8 Tips for Swim Parents About Team Hopping

6/10/15 10 Things I Notice While Swimming Masters

6/3/15 5 Tips for Swim Parents On How to Encourage Your Swimmer

5/26/15 Are You a Supportive or Overly Involved Swim Parent?

5/21/15 7 Tips for swim Parents About College Recruiting

5/12/15 7 Tips for Swim Parents About the Recruiting Process

5/4/15 9 Things You Can Learn from Your Swim Coach

4/27/15 10 Things I Like Best About Age Group Swim Meets

4/23/15 11 Things I’ve Learned from Two Weeks of Masters

4/14/15 3 Mistakes Swim Parents Should Never Make

4/8/15  8 Reasons Why Swimming Makes You a Better Parent

4/1/15 14 Parents Tips on How to Behave at Meets

3/25/15 10 Reasons Why I’m Thankful to be a Swim Parent

3/18/15 12 Parent Tips on How to Behave at Swim Practice

3/10/15 3 Tips to Help Swim Parents Deal With the Dreaded Plateau

3/4/15 4 Tips for Parents to Keep Your Swimmer in the Game

2/23/15 Swim Parent Tip: Seeing the Big Picture and Trusting the Coach

2/4/15 12 Tips for Parents About College vs. Club Meets

1/28/15 5 Tips on How to Be a Better Board Member

1/12/15 5 Tips for Parents to Handle Conflicts with Coaches

12/26/14 10 Tips to Improve Parent-Coach Relationships

12/16/14 Two Tips for Parents about Swim Meets

12/01/14 Three Tips for Swim Parents About Personal Best Times

11/19/14 One Tip for Swim Parents — Enjoy the Process

11/3/14 One Tip for Swim Parents About Sports Specialization

10/31/14 Coto Coyote Swim Team Supports Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat