Foodie Friday

Speaking of crime…

Is there crime in your neighborhood? Do you feel it’s gotten worse or better through the years?

Run for the border!

Two things freaked me out.

It took us a bit of time to relax. We ate delicious meals, walked the beach and read.

Here are a few photos:

Would you want to come back anytime soon? Would you be afraid? Why or why not?

Trying to escape Funkytown

What’s your secret for getting out of a funk?

Views from quarantine

The following are views that make me enjoy living where I do:

I watched three Harris Hawks land in a tree across the wall. They love to hang out there. Then one by one, they flew into our yard. I lost sight as they flew over our roof.

Here’s a video of one flying I captured in slow motion:

Look at the sparkle in our pool.
Here’s a young cardinal visiting my Bird Buddy until a Gila Woodpecker takes over.
I was standing outside and these quails didn’t seem to care that I was nearby.

What are your favorite things or views from your home?

Friday Zoom Call

God bless everyone! Have a safe and happy weekend.

After the rain

Petrichor: The distinctive scent which accompanies the first rain after a long warm dry spell.

Do you find bloggers you followed have disappeared? Do you think it’s a coincidence it happened through the shutdown years?

Do you think that we should give our readers a warning if we stop blogging? Why or why not?

Moments after the rain.