Is it that time already?

Roadrunner on my patio. They are vicious to other birds.

When I picked up my phone this morning, I discovered something really annoying.

Text messages. These weren’t text messages from family or friends. These were from politicians or campaign staffs. I had 20 of them!

Didn’t we just have an election? Why did my infrequent random texts from politicians turn into a stampede? 2024 isn’t that close. Do our politicians do anything besides raise money?

I’ll admit if there’s someone I support, I’ll donate a little money. But I mean “a little.” Then my info gets sold to other campaigns. Sold and sold, over and over. I guess it’s another way for campaigns to raise money.

Then I find more than 20 text messages on my phone from people I don’t support and would never support.

I can’t imagine what it will be like a year from now!

Any suggestions on how to get off these campaign text lists?