Is it that time already?

Roadrunner on my patio. They are vicious to other birds.

When I picked up my phone this morning, I discovered something really annoying.

Text messages. These weren’t text messages from family or friends. These were from politicians or campaign staffs. I had 20 of them!

Didn’t we just have an election? Why did my infrequent random texts from politicians turn into a stampede? 2024 isn’t that close. Do our politicians do anything besides raise money?

I’ll admit if there’s someone I support, I’ll donate a little money. But I mean “a little.” Then my info gets sold to other campaigns. Sold and sold, over and over. I guess it’s another way for campaigns to raise money.

Then I find more than 20 text messages on my phone from people I don’t support and would never support.

I can’t imagine what it will be like a year from now!

Any suggestions on how to get off these campaign text lists?

28 thoughts on “Is it that time already?

  1. You are getting them because you donated. Now you are on the “sucker” list, a list of people willing to part with their money for absolutely no good cause. Want to know what I donate? My vote. It is priceless. Besides, since when did elections become “they who collect the most campaign contributions”?

  2. I had the same thought as LA- keep sending them to spam. Even if I feel strongly about a candidate I don’t donate. Sort of the same thing with charitable organizations. I would rather find other ways to help.

  3. Whoa – that’s annoying! Have you tried replying with STOP to make sure they take you off their list? I know that doesn’t stop the proliferation but maybe it’ll at least eliminate the existing ones.

  4. I am the queen of ignoring your questions in order to talk about your birds. Please accept my apologies. I love your photos and am fascinated by the wildlife that surrounds you! I had no idea roadrunners could be so feisty!

  5. Ugh! Campaigning drives me crazy and Not the kind of texts one wants to receive! Good luck getting off their lists. Sorry, can’t really help you.

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