It’s cold out there!

This is a ledge outside our garage. That white stuff is snow or ice. I’m not sure which?

I was talking on the phone with a friend from college who lives near Seattle. I told her it was freezing here.

“Freezing? What’s the temperature?” she asked. She sounded skeptical. I often used the word “freezing” when I lived in Palm Springs. That meant anything under 65 degrees.

“It was 29 degrees when I got out of bed,” I said. “We’ll have a high of 40 today.”

“Wow, that really is freezing,” she answered.

The other night I sat on the sofa looking out our sliding glass door as the house and sky lit up with lightening. The roaring thunder that followed was exciting. On my lap, Olive the cat, clung for dear life.Then it poured rain for hours. It was a fun evening in my perspective — real weather!

The next morning, my husband and I tried to walk. But it was too cold for us and we gave up. It was 30 degrees.

We waited until 1 p.m. for our “morning” walk. I took the two pictures here leaving for our walk. I’m not sure if it snowed after I fell asleep — or if it was frozen rain. A neighbor came over the next day and asked me what the white stuff was on our roof! I hadn’t noticed that before. It’s been so cold the ice/snow lasted for two days!

FYI, my neighbor said she had none. She’s just around the corner from us!

What do you consider freezing temperatures? What temperature is too hot for you?

Barrel cactus topped with snow or frozen rain.

31 thoughts on “It’s cold out there!

  1. I’m learning it all depends on what you’re equipped for. We don’t have AC in the house, so we’re uncomfy in the 90s for sure! But we do have heat, and good coats, boots, hats, etc, so we bundle up while we’re warm and we’re fine to on our morning walks. The heat stays in under all those layers :). The coldest it’s been is 8 degrees (-4 with the wind chill). Our faces get cold, but that’s it. 😉

  2. I have to chuckle a bit EA! “Real weather” is too funny! I know that I would never be happy in a *one climate only* area. Even though I whine at extremes I still want to experience all that WA has to offer. Another blogger friend who lives at a higher AZ elevation wrote last night and said they were at -2! Lately I don’t have the option to wait on temps getting higher than 30 before walking. Just add layers and go for it is my motto, and it’s getting colder again next week.

    • Oh, I lived in Tacoma for a few years, and can, with a great degree of confidence, say you DO live in a *one climate only* area: WET. Now, to be fair, it can be a cold wet or a warm wet, a “just drying out wet” or a “about to get rewet”. It can be a morning wet or an afternoon wet, a light drizzle wet or a “your umbrella is useless” wet, and maybe even a “finish the ark” wet, but when it is all said and done, it is a 12 months per year wet climate with periodic sunshine between “Wets”.

      • We have such a reputation for all things “wet” here! You know that’s how we keep people from moving to WA right 😉 In our defense there was nothing wet about our stretches of 90-100+ days over the past two summers, the drought, the wildfires… but I will never complain too much about the wet because it gives us all the green! I will never be a cactus garden person!

      • I agree about the wet and green part, that is why Florida is surrounded by water and palms. Been here 30 years and do not recall any 90 day drought stretches. We just get to skip the cold part, for the most part. 🙂

      • I grew up in Snohomish and then went to the U Dub. The first sunny day in Spring, everyone would skip class like it was a holiday. The professors expected it.

  3. That is cold for you! And us. Winter weather for a few days is a nice change. We are into Spring here with highs in the upper 70s and Robins arriving, but still getting a few days where it is in the mid 30s at night and low 50s in the daytime. It’s a roller coaster. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Right before Christmas we had days of extreme cold (-19), this week we had over nights at 4. It really only feels cold when the sun is not out. I purposely moved to this weather because I was sick and tired of hot, hazy & humid. Sweating is just not my thing.

    • It is! This morning I bundled up layers and a ski parka but the wind was so fierce it was hurting my face! It was a shorter walk than I normally do. So I’m trying again now.

  5. I really enjoy the heat and don’t enjoy the cold as much as before. I am grateful I grew up near the mountains and visited some very cold places like South Korea as they gave me a good perspective. I am also happy this happened before I reached 40! Right now, I am where I need to be.

  6. We go by Celsius in Lebanon. 0°C is a freezing temperature but it doesn’t get below 6°C in my city. In the mountains, you get snow, though. The mountains are 1 hour away by car but I haven’t been to the mountains in years. In NC where 2 of my sisters live, though, it regularly reaches -5°C at night but they didn’t get snow yet, just ice on the grass.

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