Frustration on the home front

Wednesday was delivery day for our new dishwasher. I ordered the one model that was in stock. The one I wanted had a wait time for 25 weeks.

I had a window of four hours to wait for the dishwasher.

When it finally arrived, the three men who came to take away the old dishwasher and install the new one said they wanted me to see something.

I went outside to where they took the new dishwasher out of the packing and they showed me the middle rack was broken and hanging down.

So much for the new dishwasher. I called the saleswoman and left a message asking if they can get another one and when that might be. Haven’t heard back.

Meanwhile we had solar panels installed last week. It will be up to a month before they are turned on. The electric company has to inspect them, the local jurisdiction has to sign off.

We noticed damage to molding on the side of our garage door. It’s right under the solar panels and where the crew was working and didn’t exist prior to installation. I emailed and called our contact with the solar company. I didn’t hear back for three days.

I finally got an answer that they’d send out someone to repair the damage on Monday. Nobody showed up. Then I was told Tuesday. Didn’t happen. Next was an apology and Wednesday for sure. Nope.

I’m annoyed and frustrated. Although these are minor things, I wonder what happened to service?

What great service or horrible service have you experienced lately?

What a year!

It’s official. We left California for Arizona one year ago! I can’t believe how quickly our year flew by — and in some respects all long it seemed.

Here’s what I thought about moving one year ago today:

Moving van
The moving van arrived.

Friday was moving day. Our movers arrived at 9 a.m. and we thought it would be a couple hours and we’d hit the road. No, we were wrong. By 5 p.m. the movers realized their truck was full and we still had a bunch of stuff in the garage like bikes, a wheelbarrow and my daughter’s small desk. Plus the STORAGE UNIT where we’ve been squirreling away boxes and stuff for months.

Yikes! They had to rent a U-Haul and we gave them the keys to the storage unit. Of course there weren’t any in town and they had to drive to San Diego or some place to find a U-Haul. They said they’d come back the next morning and pick up the rest of our stuff in the garage when our housekeeper and dear friend Delia would be cleaning.

We drove on to Arizona and our new home, minus our stuff. We thankfully packed suitcases and bedding. Our fellow Piranha parents and close friends drove one of our cars packed to the hilt, plus their car complete with all the stuff from our freezer and fridge. Now, those are real friends who volunteer to drive an 8-hour round trip to make our move easier!

I have driving anxiety and panic attacks driving on freeways and couldn’t face the four-hour drive. Our daughter was going to fly down from SFO and drive one car and help us unpack. Then the state went into lockdown and she didn’t feel good about flying. So our friends volunteered to help us out and meanwhile her supposed flight was cancelled. It all worked out in the end.

moving boxes in house
Our new living room. So much work to do!

We got to our Arizona home at 10:30 p.m. Unpacked what we had and settled into bed around midnight exhausted beyond comprehension. Boy am I glad we decided to buy the casita furniture! If we hadn’t, we’d have slept on the floor.

The moving van and U-haul arrived at 2 p.m. the next day and we’ve worked a solid weekend to get the kitchen in order and our closet organized. Kitty is stressed and hiding under the bed in the casita, where we’ve been living.

pink skies at sunset in Arizona
My new backyard as the sun begins to set.

I don’t recommend moving after 28 years after living in one house on anyone. It’s an unusually hard task, mentally and physically. But, when we’re more settled the sunsets will make it all worthwhile.

Cactus Arizona sunset
Sunset and saguaros in the neighborhood.

What’s the longest you’ve lived in one place? How did you handle the packing and going through years of stuff? Have you thought of moving during the COVID shutdowns? A lot of people did move.