Frustration on the home front

Wednesday was delivery day for our new dishwasher. I ordered the one model that was in stock. The one I wanted had a wait time for 25 weeks.

I had a window of four hours to wait for the dishwasher.

When it finally arrived, the three men who came to take away the old dishwasher and install the new one said they wanted me to see something.

I went outside to where they took the new dishwasher out of the packing and they showed me the middle rack was broken and hanging down.

So much for the new dishwasher. I called the saleswoman and left a message asking if they can get another one and when that might be. Haven’t heard back.

Meanwhile we had solar panels installed last week. It will be up to a month before they are turned on. The electric company has to inspect them, the local jurisdiction has to sign off.

We noticed damage to molding on the side of our garage door. It’s right under the solar panels and where the crew was working and didn’t exist prior to installation. I emailed and called our contact with the solar company. I didn’t hear back for three days.

I finally got an answer that they’d send out someone to repair the damage on Monday. Nobody showed up. Then I was told Tuesday. Didn’t happen. Next was an apology and Wednesday for sure. Nope.

I’m annoyed and frustrated. Although these are minor things, I wonder what happened to service?

What great service or horrible service have you experienced lately?

29 thoughts on “Frustration on the home front

  1. Why did you even accept the washer? Now they have no reason to replace it as they will say it is a manufacturers warranty issue. This sucks, and if you make noise you are called a “Karen”, which is just an old Greek term for “I know I fucked up, but you the customer must just accept it because I have other customers to also fuck with, so be quiet”. I am not the one they want to set sights on because I make noise. Lots of loud disparaging noise. I have found that it gets results. Karen is a wuss compared to me.

  2. I’m sorry EA. I know how frustrated I would be with all this delay and run- around you’re getting. It’s moments like this that not owning a home and having landlords who have to deal with the crap makes things easier. I don’t necessarily get a choice on what is purchased or changes made to the building, but then I also don’t have to be responsible either. I haven’t had a dishwasher in years- very tiny kitchen so we don’t have room- you adapt as you need to I suppose. It would seem weird not to wash my dishes myself I think! Anyway, I hope things can be resolved sooner rather than later for you.

  3. Bad luck runs in threes…. BTW I’m having peeps come out today to replace carpet with flooring. After reading your adventures maybe I should embrace the disgusting carpet.

      • We were replacing kitchen applicances. The only thing in stock was the microwave and they installed it incorrectly so it burned up after 2 months. Furtunately GE fixed it at no cost. We decided to fix the dishwasher and cancelled the rest of the appliances

      • We had a microwave under warranty that was arcing inside. It took six months to get a new one. That was in 2021. I don’t understand why there such a back up. We could fix our dishwasher but it’s nine years old and they want a thousand dollars.

  4. How frustrating! I’d be yelling by now! It’s really appalling how customer service is almost nonexistent these days. We had our plumbing redone a few years back and they destroyed our heating ducts under the house. They did a horrible repair job and this year we had to have the entire system redone. Ugg! Hugs, C

  5. Oh my, you’re having one heck of a week! Nothing worse than issue falling on top of issue and people not showing up when they say they’re going to show up. Just the worse. Sending positive thoughts to change the tide!!!!! Hang in there.

  6. How frustrating! I feel your pain. We tried to get a dishwasher repaired and the first replacement part was wrong, next one took weeks to arrive, but yet another part was needed. The repair company told us it would cost then almost as much as a new one. So we got a new one and the repair company charged us only a minor amount for several service calls.

    My hubby wanted to replace the carpet in our commercial rental, because it was all lumpy. Many thousands of dollars. I said let’s get it restretched first. He found a guy who did it for $200 and it looks great! So, yeah, some people do still believe in service.

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