Moving in with a few hiccups

pool and patio backyard

We took a break from unpacking boxes to sit and enjoy the scenery.

We are officially here. We’re unpacking a sea of boxes throughout the house, but I’ve located a few missing boxes that were driving me crazy. I finally found my shoes and the vitamins.

Friday night we arrived at 10:30 p.m and unpacked our cars. I managed to get four hours of sleep that night with Olive Bear, our indoor outdoor cat, meowing all night long to go outside. I heard from a friend who lives here that there’s too many wild critters for cats to have long lives outside. We have a bobcat who snacks on rabbits on the roof of our patio (discovered that fact during home inspection). We also have coyotes, mountain lions, snakes, scorpions and javelinas. So, we’re trying to turn a nine-year-old indoor/outdoor cat into 100% indoor. She’s doing much better after five nights. But her days are spent hiding under the bed in our casita.

pretty kitty

Olive Bear is now an indoor cat.

A funny thing happened with our WiFi and TV. Saturday morning the tech came to hook us up. Within an hour we were up and running with gigabit wireless speed. WOW! What a difference from the 60 bps we had in Palm Springs. We felt like we entered a new decade or century. We have a TV that came in the furnished casita and that was up and running, too.

Sunday morning came and nothing worked. No TV. No internet. We called the service provider and their soonest appointment was Tuesday. My husband and I both need internet to work. So, what to do on Monday and Tuesday until it was all fixed? Stress out a bit, then I set up our iphones to personal hotspots and Voila! Work could work Monday morning.

Tuesday came and two techs came over to solve our problem. They could not find anything wrong outside. So, they came inside to my husband’s office and checked out the modem and how it was hooked up. The lead tech said to me, “Watch this.” I watched intently as he flipped on a light switch. The modem lit up. The modem was plugged into an outlet that was controlled by the light switch.

How I hope everything else goes that smoothly!

pink skies at sunset in Arizona

My new back yard as the sun begins to set.