Back in the Swim

Palm Springs City Pool
Our old hometown pool at sunset.

On again, off again with swimming. Looking back through my old posts, I see I’ve been in this loop before. I try to be consistent with swimming, then something — mostly weather — gets me off track. This year it was called winter. Last two times I went lap swimming, I was cold the entire time. I felt it in my bones. Then I was up to Seattle and back home with COVID.

I wrote “Consistently Inconsistent” HERE. It’s one of many similar posts I’ve written since I began lap swimming and US Masters after my kids left for college. As a dedicated swim mom, I missed being around the pool and my swim friends. I dove in scared to death and learned to swim four strokes with my kids’ team, but at noon Master’s, which is for anyone over age 18.

My first practice, I was terrified and thought I’d sink halfway across the pool. I couldn’t breathe. I was about to have a panic attack when the coach assured me he wouldn’t let me drown. He gave me a drill called Six-Kick Switch. It evened my breathing, gave me something to focus on, helped my balance — and basically calmed me down. He told me to use that drill anytime in practice I needed. He also let me use fins, which is akin to training wheels. (You kick on your side, take a breath after six kicks while taking a stroke to switch sides and repeat.)

Later today, I’m back in the pool at the YMCA. I tried to go last week and as luck would have it, the pool was closed due to filter and pump issues. I’m feeling flutters in my stomach and a bit shaky. But I’ve got the tool of Six-Kick Switch. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What activities are you consistent with and which ones do you start and stop?

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  1. I can’t think of anything consistent for activities aside from walking the dogs. But that’s not a bad activity. Everything else is sporadic.

  2. Good luck today! 😊 I start and stop various fitness routines all the time…I recently figured out my beloved Pilates was creating Achilles issues for me…so I’m trying something new with a spin bike…which is literally kicking my butt. Cheers to you for ‘getting in the swim of things’ again! I’m sure it will be great! 😎 (And thanks for the pic of the Palm Spring pool…those mountains. Sigh!)

    • It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! When it comes to being cold, I’m a wimp. I don’t like discomfort 😅 My daughter went to morning practice at that pool at 5:30 am for five years no matter the weather. Then swam at altitude in Salt Lake Swim, went class with frozen hair! I couldn’t do it.

  3. Walking is my most consistent activity for sure…oh and reading blogs first thing in the morning then coming back later to see what others have written!

  4. I go to the gym four days a week consistently. I read before bed consistently. Blog/write five days a week. Crosswords I’ll get on a roll and then I won’t do….also I’d say jigsaw puzzles, needlepoint, crafty stuff is occasionally when I feel like it.

  5. Definitely seasonal (consistently inconsistent) . My moods and behavior change with the seasons. And sometimes other things, like injuries and illness get in the way.

  6. I am absolutely consistent with Channel surfing. It is not affected by weather, time, or location. Stop and start? Laundry. I start in the morning, stop in the evening, take a break for sleep, and then start again in the morning. The inconsistency comes in when it interferes with channel surfing. A washed or dried load can sit ready for 10 minutes, maybe an hour. Depends on if I hit gold while surfing.

  7. I am consistent with my exercises to strengthen my right hip. Every other day with a band (30 minutes or more), while the pug just watches as it to say, ‘humans, huh…..’, water aerobics once a week, and virtual yoga through VA once or twice a week, walk every other day with the pug a mile. And then there is household chores exercise. I aim to kick up this hip and get a move on. And the husband does his 3500 steps with the pug every other day!

  8. It’s 1,000 yards. That used to be our warm up when I swam masters. I’d swim triple that on good days. But I’m starting over. My goal today was 500 yards so I’m pleased. My daughter swam 10,000 to 12,000 yards six days a week in college. No wonder she has shoulder problems.

  9. Interesting. I go through phases of swimming on an off too, but it doesn’t trigger so much reluctance. Maybe because we don’t have winters here, and because I don’t train as hard as you. I just learned to swim, so for me, it’s all about freestyling a certain length (or time). Anyhoo, I’m rooting for you!

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