Birds, birds and more birds

Cardinal visiting @birdbuddy

I got my first Cardinal visit to my Bird Buddy.

After waiting patiently from January until now for a new solar panel for my Bird Buddy AI bird feeder with a camera, I made the executive decision to take it out of storage, charge it up and use it without the solar panel roof.

I emailed the company and they said I should receive it this month. Until then, I’m enjoying Bird Buddy and have to charge the camera every four or five days.

I’ve written about Bird Buddy before. You can read those posts HERE and HERE if you missed them.

My son works for a crowdfunding company that helped raise money and marketed Bird Buddy. I think it was one of their more successful campaigns.

In one of my prior stories I wrote about my trouble setting up Bird Buddy. There was an awkward small space to plug in the charger or solar panel. I found it frustrating and I had to get my husband to help me. However, when I set up my 91-year-old dad’s Bird Buddy, he cleverly showed me you can plug in the camera before you put it inside the feeder! Duh!

This is a House Finch who can eat a lot of sunflower seeds!

Bird Buddy takes “postcards” (these two photos are examples.) There was an update to the software and now there are videos, too. It works with an app on your smartphone, identifies birds, gives details and you can play their songs and calls.

Here’s a video of a House Sparrow and Cardinal competing for the bird feeder:

Bird fight!

What birds do you have in your neck of the woods? Which are your favorites?

54 thoughts on “Birds, birds and more birds

  1. You’ve a very high tech setup Elizabeth. Love these pictures. We have lots of birds here where I can hear their songs but it’s hard to spot them or take pictures.

  2. I love the pics and video! The hubster and I observed a mourning dove and a robin ‘getting into it’ this morning over a perch on the end of our deck. I think they both want to claim it but I have no idea why. Keep the nature fun coming — love it! 🥰

    • Thanks! I haven’t had any rosy-faced love birds yet. I seem to have the same five or six species each day. Mourning doves, Gila woodpecker, curved bill thrasher, house finch and sparrow. Then the glorious cardinal.

      • I have the same in my area. The rosy-faced lovebirds are always on the move, hanging out in one tree for a months and then moving to another. Hopefully they’ll pay you a visit one of these days!

  3. This is like a close up view looking out my front windows EA! So much fun watching them chomp on the seeds, and compete. I have tons of finches and they get really competitive.

  4. I love my bird camera too! Your pictures are amazing.
    We have cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, crows, chickadees, and mourning doves.
    It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite! But I think I’d say cardinals.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. My son enjoys his job because he gets to work with creative people with ideas for project they want to bring to market. Surprisingly, they did really well when the world was shut down. People had time to work on their ideas. I think the Bird Buddy people are from Slovenia.

  5. Birds? Same as you, with just a few exceptions, all in the wild: Egrets, Pink Flamingos, Peacock’s, Ibis, Storks and Herons. With the exception of Pink Flamingos, the rest of these can be seen frequently eating bugs in our front yard. Egrets and Ibis’s are there often (they like chinch bugs).

    • That sounds like a wonderful bunch of birds to watch. We have had herons, I think they came from the lake 15 miles away by road, but much closer as the crow flies!

  6. Wow – that is one good-looking cardinal! What an interesting setup. You have the most interesting cameras at your house!

    I don’t actively encourage any birds at my house since our kitty goes outside and her feral roots seem to make her a very effective huntress. So I’ll just enjoy your wonderful photos!

  7. Great pics! I was watching birds today at my friend’s house. Saw cardinals, red headed woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers and blue jays. 😊

    • I see crows when I walk but they don’t hang out at our house. I love the Bird Buddy! Not only the pics and videos but I’m learning about birds with their bits of info.

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