No more drama for the momma

I had a terrible night’s sleep last night. Here’s the short version:

My daughter got COVID, she wasn’t at home but was with our friends in Santa Barbara. Our dear friend was making my daughter homemade chicken soup when Waffles the Pug got into the chicken bones.

My daughter decided to not “wait and see” but rushed Waffles to a nearby vet.

She sat in her car while the vet’s aide brought Waffles in. I was on the phone with my daughter, alternating with our friends in Santa Barbara for most of the night. They let her take him home and wanted him back first thing in the a.m. He does indeed have chicken bones in his belly.

It reminded me of another post I wrote about Waffles called “What is it about pugs?”

Here’s an excerpt:

Waffles the pug

My daughter called at 8 a.m. yesterday freaked out because Waffles wouldn’t eat breakfast. If you know anything about pugs this is a serious sign something is wrong. I asked if she’d taken him for a walk and if he’d eaten some grass. She said, yes, he ate grass and threw up but he was still obviously in distress.

I asked if she was taking him to the vet. She said they were on the way to the emergency hospital.

That evening she called me crying hysterically. Oh no. They gave Waffles an ultrasound and found a mass in his small intestine. It wasn’t moving so they’d have to operate. They also told her it was risky because he’s a pug and they don’t always do well with anesthesia. They said he’d die without the surgery….

More Waffles History:

Last year when Waffles was with us during COVID shut down he ate half a package of pork chops that my husband put in the sun to defrost — styrofoam and plastic wrap included. He ate poisonous berries from the ficus tree and ended up in the ER. When my daughter was in college, he ate an adderall one of my daughter’s college friends had dropped on the floor. Another ER visit.

Waffles the pug
Waffles the pug

It’s not like he’s not well taken care of, but he is incorrigible. It literally takes one second for him to put something he shouldn’t into his mouth while you’re not looking. My daughter is blaming herself. I’ve told her it’s not her fault.

Waffles as a baby pug
Baby Waffles

I guess it’s a good question. What is it about pugs? Also, as a mom, I’d like to scale back on the drama in my life. I’m terribly worried about my daughter’s health as well as Waffles.

Have you had an animal who is incorrigible and always getting into trouble? What kind of trouble? For my fellow pug owners, do yours act like Waffles and try to put everything in their mouths?

23 thoughts on “No more drama for the momma

  1. Odd. Our pug will not eat anything EXCEPT his assigned food and assigned snacks. We could throw a fully Cooked T-Bone on the floor, go away for a day, and that T-Bone will be untouched. We could put a non-designated dog snack in front of his mouth and…no go. If it ain’t a Pupperoni, forget it. We keep food in his dish all day, and he just goes in there and eats when he is hungry. No designated times. We went through about 6 dog foods before he would accept one.

  2. I’m sorry that you are away from your daughter right now. I know it’s impossible not to worry and want to actively do something for her and for Waffles.

  3. We had only had Benny (a spaniel/terrier mix) for a few months when he had been “playing” in the backyard and all of a sudden started throwing up little rocks. We don’t have a rock garden but there apparently were a bunch of small rocks around. Anyway, between what he threw up and what I found in his poop, there were a total of 7 rocks. Fortunately nothing bad happened to his insides and he was fine. Scared me! I hear you about the mama drama.

    • That would be scary with your dog throwing up rocks. We had a big dog who ate a dish rag, would eat rocks and even metal. She’d eat grass and throw it up. Once we had to take her to the vet and they discovered she had stomach cancer. It was sad but she was past her life expectancy. I wondered if it was cancer that made her eat all the strange things, or if that caused the cancer?

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