The world came crashing down

ping pong table in backyard
Right where the crash happened.

We played a lot of ping pong this past weekend. Perhaps too much. We also ran errands like going to Costco, looked at art galleries and planned a trip to the Musical Instrument Museum.

It was Sunday afternoon when we really got into ping pong and didn’t stop playing. We had completed three matches, where someone needs to win three out of five games. We were pretty much tied on each game and the matches went all five games.

So that was a total of `15 games played when we decided to play a fourth match. All of a sudden the world came crashing down and I was laying on the concrete.

It scared me so badly. My right hand and knee took the brunt of the fall. I literally was trying to return the ball to the right of me when I fell. I think what happened was my shoe got stuck in a space between concrete tiles. The patio is very bumpy and uneven.

Sitting on the sofa with my knee wrapped in a cold compress and my hand clutching a ziploc bag of ice, I was trembling.

If this is what getting old is going to be like, no thank you! I don’t want to be afraid of falling while playing a game of ping pong! I know I need to get back out there and play. But maybe be more aware of my feet or wear different shoes. Do they make ping pong shoes?

Have you ever had an experience where you got injured or fell unexpectantly? What happened? Did you feel unnerved?

30 thoughts on “The world came crashing down

  1. It is very unnerving, not too say painful to fall unexpectedly. I used to fall a lot because of my flat feet and walking like Donald Duck, feet pointing outwards. After my knee replacements I am super careful as falling is just not allowed.

  2. Ouch. Hope you recover quickly. Yes, it’s happened and it is unnerving. Though it did teach me to move more slowly and stop rushing around. I fell down a flight of stairs while racing around in my flip flops.

  3. I fell off a ladder and broke my hip on the concrete patio a few years ago. The fall itself was completely understandable, but I felt that my older bones couldn’t take the pressure as well as my younger bones could have. Be careful on those tiles. I can see how your shoe could get caught.

  4. When I used to walk much more often than I do now, and with a friend, I tripped over some asphalt and landed on my knee. I now think that may have been the root cause of water on my right knee which has been a lingering and perhaps recurring symptom I’ve had to put up with even more so since my right hip was replaced.

  5. I used to do a lot of walking with a friend. A long time ago I stumbled on some asphalt and fell on my right knee. I think I may have developed water on the knee at that time but heeled up and got past that until I was in rehab/PT for replacement of my right hip. Seems I may have done something to aggravate/revive the water which is now bothering me more than either one of the original injuries/causes.

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