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Do you receive solicitations by people or companies who ask to collaborate with you? I’ve been getting a few each week. What they want mostly is for me to post something they send me or for me to write about their company.

It’s interesting to see what they are proposing. Sometimes they are off the mark. For example, one woman sent me a link to their website and asked if I’d like to post their article about healthy pets. I clicked on the link and it was a parenting article. Oh well. I passed.

Once I was asked to add a link to a certain post and I did that. But I’m not comfortable with posting a company’s press release.

Once I posted a guest blogger. It was a friend of mine who I love his writing. It was a fellow swim dad and swim parents was the main topic I was writing about. It was nice to get his perspective. Also, I thought it would be a welcome break for my readers.

What are your thoughts? Do you get solicitations by email to include articles or links on your blog? What type of collaborations do they ask for? Do you feel that your blog should only be your own content? What do you think about bloggers who post other people’s material?

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  1. I used to, but not as much these days. Many of them, I believe, end up in my spam folder. I believe many of them gave up since I don’t have a large social media presence. That’s OK with me. 🙂

  2. Nope. I go through my Followers periodically. My rule basically is if you are a business I have no interest in or you don’t have some type of picture, you’re out.

  3. I have no problem with sharing a blog I thought was wonderful. However, if I read a blog I would like it to be original content 99% of the time. Guest bloggers are great, but I read blogs because I like the writing of the blogger. Hate solicitations…

  4. No one has asked me yet but if it were a product that would actually fit with my blog and it was a legit company I might do it. Like a scrapbooking product or something.

  5. Evidently I don’t appear in many of those circles! I’m all over the board with what I write about and, lately, have not been very consistent in writing or reading blogs. I love to write, but my muse has temporarily been on a hiatus.

  6. I don’t get any solicitations? What am I doing wrong? I have had a guest blogger or two over the years but I agree with LA, I go to writers because I enjoy reading their words. Hugs, C

  7. You are being way too nice! Be careful clicking on links from people you don’t know. (even from people you do know, for that matter!) I don’t get many requests like this on my personal blog (I don’t post very often), but at the newspaper where I work, I do regularly get emails from people asking if we will link to their products or article in previous stories. It seems to be a marketing strategy at best; phishing at worst. I hate to ignore them, but if you respond, you will just get more and more requests like this.

  8. My blog is not large enough to receive requests like this. I look forward to them. It means someone thinks my blog is important enough to get a link from. Sign me up for that.

    I came across this video that talks about value exchange with link building. The concept is still new to me. The video does call out solicitations like you experience and why those don’t work.

    I really enjoyed this question.

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