It was Mexico time

We’ve had two days of rain and now have ponds in our yard.

Today we were supposed to drive to Mexico. We’d planned this trip for a couple months. My family was appalled when I told them. Our friends here said we shouldn’t go. It’s too dangerous.

Our realtor who frequents the beach resort with his family said he had just been and it’s fine. The insurance guy who I called for the Mexico car insurance said it’s “Rubbish” to say it’s not safe.

Mexico is in the news a lot lately for two dead Americans, a kidnapped mother, missing Americans and drug cartels. I was a little nervous.

But then I got sick. My daughter asked me to test for Covid because my cough that’s keeping me up at night sounded exactly like hers when she had it. The test was most definitely positive.

My son sent me a link to Medical One and told me to get a zoom call appointment with a doctor. I did and I’ve been prescribed a few things to help with my cough and Covid. The doctor told me what to look for in the next few days and to call if I’m feeling worse. She also said to get an oximeter to test the oxygen in my bloodstream and what acceptable numbers were.

So, it’s a no go on Mexico.

Have you or family members had COVID? What were your symptoms like and how long did it last?

What do you think about traveling to Mexico?

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad news. Hope you’re feeling better very soon. As far as traveling into Mexico, my first hunch is to say no, but then I also know that violence can be just as scary on this side of the border. I don’t think there’s a great answer. When you’re well, I would probably go and just be very careful sticking to the tourist spots. Sending positive vibes for a quick recovery!!!!🤒☺️☺️☺️😉

    • Thank you. The Rx the doctor gave me are helping so much. The place we go to in Mexico is south of Phoenix and there is little crime compared to what we see on the news south of TX. We are very careful to stay in the resort area and limit our urge to explore.

  2. Oh no! Is this your first time? I had it last April. Had hacking cough for five days, and the test came negative twice. It was positive on 5th day when I was almost over it. Little fever and continuous cough were my symptoms

  3. So sorry about the cancellation of your trip…and the Covid diagnosis. Feel better, soon! I was out with girlfriends last night and one — who works as a faculty member in a health careers program – was stunned when she…after three years of extra, extra caution, got Covid two weeks ago.
    Maybe, given the uncertainty about your destination, you were supposed to stay put for a bit. 💕

    • I haven’t thought about Covid at all and then I got it. Just like your friend was probably surprised. I have heard of a few of my friends in CA who have gotten in lately. I had one friend who told me I should go ahead with our trip and rest in Mexico! What if I got sicker? How do I isolate from my husband in a four hour car ride?

      • Yes…she was shocked…but goodness…I can’t imagine taking a big risk and going in your trip anyhow. Glad you ignored that suggestion! Best to be snug at home! ❤️

      • Can you imagine being hospitalized in Mexico? Or being forced to be shut down? No thank you! I’m in my casita comfortable as can be while keeping distance from my husband. He had it about a year ago and I stayed in the casita and never got it. I hope it works this time, too.

      • I can’t imagine you traveling anywhere! 😘 Thank goodness you have a very separate space to isolate from him. Sending hugs! 🥰

  4. Hope you’re doing a bit better this morning EA! I think Vicki has a good point, in this case Mexico was decided for you. I know you go there often and feel comfortable and have a good time but I also think it is important to be cautious, do your research if there’s stuff happening and then decide what’s right. I’ve never had Covid but have seen people all along the spectrum of mild to severe illness with it. The moment you spoke of your cough yesterday and needing to be upright to breathe my alarms went off. Mexico is for another time down the road.

    • I agree with you 100%. We do look forward of being at the beach and ocean, and I check the news and government sites frequently to see if it’s safe. There aren’t cartels where we go and the border is secure, so there isn’t trafficking like in other places along the border. But now is not the time to go! The decision was made for me.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you have covid. Wishing you a quick and full recovery! My boyfriend had a bad case of covid in 2020 and was in-and-out of the hospital with blood clots in his lungs and legs. Thankfully, the newer variants seem to be milder. As far as I know, I still haven’t had it.

    Mexico is a mixed bag. We have a friend who rents out Airbnbs in Rocky Point, so he’s down there all the time and has never had an issue. On the other hand, the last time I went down (2009), someone grabbed me and tried to drag me away while I was with two male friends. That scared me enough that I’ve never go back myself. Trafficking is the biggest threat, which I think is often focused on young women and children. If and when you go, just be aware of your surrounding and don’t wander off alone and you should be fine.

    • That case of Covid of your boyfriend’s sounds awful! I’m so thankful he recovered. We’ve been to Rocky Point about five times in the past year and a half and haven’t had any issues. We are very careful. We drive our older car, I don’t wear jewelry or take a nice purse. We stick to the resort area and only go into town in the daytime. Your story from 2009 is scary! Our realtor told us about Rocky Point and has a place down there. He gave us a list of good restaurants and where to go. It helped us to have somewhat of a guide!

  6. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Your cough sounds a lot like what my daughter is dealing with. Her Covid test was negative, but I see what Sadje said and I’m thinking my daughter should test again. I also think it’s a good possibility God kept you from Mexico for good reason, this time. Often our inconveniences save us from things we never realize because they never happened. I try to remember that when I’m frustrated because my plans fall through.

    • The cough is terrible! If your daughter has it, it may be Covid. The doctor prescribed me Benzonatate, little pills that settle down the cough. It doesn’t get rid of it altogether or address the underlying issue. But the difference is amazing. I only coughed a few times last night. I think we staying home this weekend for a reason. I was worried about being out the money for the condo, but the agent is trying to get us a full refund. Covid is a special exception for rentals.

  7. We all had Covid in January 2021. I’m guessing we’ve all been asymptomatic at some point as well. I had a runny nose, my husband had body aches and my daughter had fever. We were all better in a few days. Mexico…I wouldn’t not go there, but probably would find someplace else to go

    • You’re fortunate you’ve stayed well since 2021. I think I had COVID in Feb. 2020 after going to a wedding with people from Singapore, UK and China. But there was no testing at the time.
      As for Mexico, it’s a four hour drive to the beach from here. Big white sandy beach, warm ocean and delicious cheap seafood. The “great big wall” is there and the only crime reported is corruption of government officials. I’m sure if Americans are out and about at night in clubs and walking through the streets, it would be another story as for safety.

  8. One of my pre-surgery screen tests showed me positive for Covid. Symptoms? Zero. Nada. None. Here is the thing, I have stage 4 cancer. type 2 diabetes, sleep with a CPAP, and in my mid-60’s. According to the CDC, CNNLOL, MSNBD-, The White House and Fauci, there is NO WAY I should have survived this brush with Mr. Reaper, but by golly, here I am never having so much as a sneeze. That makes me living proof it was a panic that was fear generated and nothing more.

    • I think you’re very fortunate with all your pre-existing conditions that Covid didn’t affect you. I also agree that fear was most of the Covid hype. Then my mom died from Covid. Now I have it and I’m sicker than I can remember. My
      Mom was 90, so she was in the age category where the outcome from Covid isn’t good. The rest of us have a .02 risk of fatality.

  9. Are you thinking of buying property in Mexico? I did have a horrible cold pre-COVID and both of us were in bad shape, as was my daughter-in-law and her kids. That was a while ago…and then we heard of COVID, so I think we were pre-CoVID and the precursors.

  10. Your COVID diagnosis in the midst of family concerns is interesting. I wonder why I would feel safer flying to Mexico than driving. The place you go to sounds wonderful. But I’m glad you are staying safe at home and recovering! Sending good thoughts for a quick recovery!

    • I wonder if the stress made me more susceptible? The town in Mexico we visit is a one-hour drive from the border. After crossing into Mexico there is a short gauntlet of windshield washers and beggars. Then it’s clean sailing to the beach.

  11. Bummer! I had it last November. I thought I was lucky to have withstood it for so long. I had no cough. I just felt incredibly tired and achy. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and rest. I had a little bit of nasal congestion but not much. Feel better soon! As for Mexico, no interest in going except we have a friend who wants us to go with him and his wife to their timeshare somewhere down there, probably one of the major resort areas so I would go and feel comfortable, for the most part. I’m not thrilled about Mexican food either so I’d be going mostly just to satisfy my hubby who really wants to go.

    • I have all of your symptoms plus the cough. I’m so tired! I found the food in Mexico to be nothing like what we have in the states. I guess it depends on where you go. The town we visit south of Phoenix is a fishing village with shrimp as the main catch.

  12. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. We’ve not had Covid, so I don’t know how that progresses. I’ve been to Mexico for a day but it was Tijuana across the border from San Diego. I don’t think that’s quite the same as a resort.

  13. Bummer about the Covid! I’m hearing from lots of people getting that and flu. We have not had it. I probably haven’t been sick since 2018 (a cold, perhaps).

    Traveling to Mexico should be okay, depending on where you go – just being in tourist areas seems pretty safe. Maybe I have rose-colored glasses.

  14. And to make matters worse, you missed your vacation! CIVID sucks. Ugg. I hope you’re doing better. I’m reading your posts backwards, trying to catch up on your life! It’s going from bad to worse! Hugs my friend, C

  15. What a bummer (both the missed trip and the Covid). My teenage son has had it several times, but it was always mild for him. Hope you move through it quickly.

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