A gray day

It’s cloudy and gray with a 90% chance of rain. It rained all night and should rain on and off the rest of the day.

I think I’m coming down with a bug. I haven’t been sick in a long time. But last night was rough. I was coughing, felt like I had a fever and someone split my brain with an axe. Not good.

I woke up hour after hour with relief. It’s 1 a.m. I have five more hours to sleep. It’s 2 a.m., four more hours. Finally, I pulled myself out of bed and took an Advil. I had moved into the casita so I wouldn’t keep my husband up all night. I was propped up on four pillows to help me breathe. I had the humidifier on and Olive was on my legs to give me comfort.

I had to get up early and drive my husband to surgery. It was a minor oral surgery thing, but he was having general anesthesia, so despite how I felt or what a lousy night’s sleep I had, I was on duty.

I packed a quilt, pillow, my laptop, Cheryl Oreglia’s book “Grow Damn It!” that I’ve almost finished. I had my journal to write my three pages. I was ready to hunker down in the car for hours. I didn’t want to sit in the waiting room coughing and sniffling.

I got two pages of my three written and my phone rang. The procedure was over. I’m talking 20 to 30 minutes!

I was kind of disappointed it was so quick. It was a let down after I was so prepared to sit for hours.

I drove him home and unpacked the car. Put him to bed. I’m ready for bed, too.

What procedures have you had or your spouse that went easier than expected?

Or, what has been worse than you thought it would be?

39 thoughts on “A gray day

  1. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! I love how prepared you were – despite being exhausted. I’ve learned it’s better to have plenty of stuff — comfort items like your pillow, snacks, good reading material because I hate being idle as the designated driver/companion. When the hubster had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, I was shocked when the procedure was done before I’d been able to sink my teeth into snacks…or my book. Hope you get some rest and feel better today. 🥰

  2. It wasn’t a procedure but my husband got really bad after his shingles vaccine. He was up at night with chills and it was like he had a really horrible flu

  3. If it’s any consolation at least you are home and sick- glad this didn’t strike while you were celebrating your mom’s life. Sounds like you maybe picked something up during all that and stress doesn’t help. Take care.

  4. I have had three embolization surgeries to extract cancer tumors from my liver. The first one was a “mother f*c*er”, so when the next one came up, my anxiety kept me awake all night. But guess what? The next one was virtually painless! Now, the first two took about 45 minutes. The third one was WAY more complicated and took over two hours, but was also painless. I guess the first Doctor, whom I will refer to as Stevie Wonder, was in a hurry or had other things on his mind. I am going in for #4 pretty soon, probably the fall, but the anxiety will mitigated.

  5. I’ve had to wait many times for my husband to have a procedure or surgery. I’d say the worst was his last stomach surgery for ulcers. It took a long time and when he was in recovery his blood pressure went really low. Also he was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. I’m like you with all the prep though. I always have a book and other things to occupy my time while waiting. His back procedures go pretty quickly now and he has to have them about every year to 18 months.

  6. I have been with my husband for many of his procedures. The worst was when he was in great pain and screaming and I became hysterical. The Police at the VA threatened to arrest me and told me I would have to leave unless I calmed down, so I did. Most of the procedures have gone well but this one a couple of years ago was complicated and hurt him, and made me very anxious.

      • yes, and there was mike laying on the table in a fog. This was an anomaly and did not happen again but it taught me a lesson about keeping my emotions in check. Sometimes you witness some very sad scenes at the VA and sometimes you just have to be strong and keep in check. I don’t agree with the way that VA police handled it but he did the best he could. I do think someone got on him after witnessing this though. And if I need hip surgery, my husband will be there for me.

      • This past week, I have had several appointments at the VA regarding my right hip, and just annual procedures, updates. There is no doubt in my mind that they are on top of their game with efficiency and speed. I am lucky the Tampa VA is so good and we are so near.

  7. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. But I love that you were hunkered down with Cheryl’s book and comfy for the wait, as short as it turned out to be. Hope you (and your husband) feel better soon!

  8. Bummer to hear you’re sick! Things really have been going around. I haven’t been sick since well before Covid, so I’m staring to feel invincible. Something’s gonna kick my butt one day.

    My husband had oral surgery this week, but he decided to drive himself, though I certainly offered. His was not quick or easy. Hope your husband is healing quick.

  9. Elizabeth! You’re so sweet, sick as a dog, and your still trying to read my book! Thank you. Now we know since I’m reading backwards that you have COVID! I can’t believe you actually got up and drove with that headache! You’re a saint! And your husbands owes you a dinner out when you’re both recovered! Thank you again for sharing my book. 💕Hugs, C

  10. I commented on one of Cheryl’s posts (the one about Marta and Ken’s lake house, I believe) extolling the virtues of my sister as caregiver vs my ex who was not yet my ex. She did the left a couple of months ago, he did the right 5+ years ago. Sis and I both were expecting it to be as rough a recovery this time around as it was last time. Long story short, my idiot ex was probably almost as bad a caregiver as that surgeon was at his craft. Months after the second hip replacement I am still extolling the virtues of that surgeon while years after the first one I am still trying to get my right leg to feel and function as well as the left!

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