Views from my trip

The house I grew up in from second grade on. No we didn’t have a blue garage! What were these people thinking!

I grabbed the front of the house photo from Redfin.

After my aunt and I left Robe Valley and my mother’s ashes, we drove to my hometown, Snohomish, Wash. During our journey we detoured up Lord’s Hill to my old house that I lived in from second grade until I left for college. My mom sold it after “the divorce.” It was too expensive for her to keep up on alimony payments.

First street Snohomish
First Street, the touristy part of my hometown.
Snohomish first street
Another view of First Street Snohomish.

We stopped for lunch at Andy’s Fish House. The Pacific Northwest has the best seafood. I had chowder, salad and a piece of cod. My aunt had fish and chips. It was delish!

Oto Sushi
While I’m posting about food, I had sushi with my BFF from college at Oto Sushi near my brother’s house. This was called “Skinny Girl Roll” because it didn’t have rice. It was so fresh and yummy.
View from my brother's patio.
View from my brother’s patio overlooking a small lake. It’s a gorgeous home and location. Notice they have one of my flamingos in the backyard!
Nephew playing piano

My nephew played Moonlight Sonata and Für Elise as a tribute to my mom. He used his Covid shutdown days to learn piano!

13 Coins Seatac
The counter at 13 Coins, one of my mom and dad’s favorite restaurants when I was growing up.

My aunt and I spent the night at SeaTac airport after our adventure in Robe Valley and Snohomish. Next door to our hotel was 13 Coins which was a favorite memory of mine with my mom. My aunt said it was a place she and her husband frequented in the 1970s. Sitting at the counter is more exciting than in the booths, because it’s where all the cooking takes place.

13 Coins Seatac
The line action at 13 Coins by the Seattle airport.
brother with two sisters
Mom, her older brother and my aunt who is 11 years younger than Mom.

My aunt shared a small scrapbook she made for my mom’s 70th birthday. This was a photo in it that I loved.

cat on a suitcase
Olive immediately attacked my suitcase when I came home. She made the suitcase her perch for hours.

Thanks for taking a look at my week in the Pacific Northwest.

36 thoughts on “Views from my trip

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos EA! I haven’t been up in the Snohomish area in years. Has 13 Coins always been near SeaTac? I have this image of it being somewhere in Seattle proper- downtown? Is this an expanded location for them? I’m laughing at the look on Olive’s face, just daring you to repack and go off again 😉

    • 13 Coins has three locations now. Downtown Seattle was the one we went to when I was a kid. They expanded to SeaTac at least 25 years ago or more and have a Bellevue location too. It brought back such memories to go there.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures, and such a special trip filled with special memories. That photo of your mom as a young woman is one to cherish. ❤️

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Elizabeth. Every photo was precious and the sweet flamingo peeking out? Adorable! Your hometown is stunning…and the photo of your mom, aunt and uncle made me smile, smile, smile! 🥰

  4. Beautiful photos and lovely memories to revisit when needed. Thanks so much for taking us with you and sharing the special moments of your week in the Northwest. Obviously, you were missed. Hugs, C

  5. A blue garage. Yes, that is unique. Your small town reminds me of my hometown in the Catskills. Very similar. The sushi looks delicious. Thanks for taking us along. Love the “skinny girl roll.” I was happy today to stop by Subway but I think I overindulged on the bread. I was running my chores. It appears that your childhood home is being well taken care of.

    • My hometown has become a popular day trip location for people from Seattle. There’s tons of antique shops, restaurants and bakeries. It’s fun to see how much it’s changed. As for the house, I can’t get over the blue garage!

  6. You did get some fine weather, it looks like. I’m glad you had a good trip and time with family. That 13 Coins place looks interesting. What sort of food do they serve?

  7. Wonderful photos and so glad you had a special time with family , honoring your Mom.
    I love those 2 piano pieces. Kudos to your nephew for making good use of the lockdown time!

  8. This is a wonderful way to honor your mother and share some photos with us along the way. It’s a beautiful area except maybe that blue garage door, but maybe I’m being judge-y.

    • You’re not being judgmental about the ugly garage door. My parents hired a famous architect in the late 1960s to design our house. It would probably be a historic site if the current owners had left it alone! Ugh!

  9. These are such beautiful memories and photos. I’ll be headed to Washington next week and I’m looking forward to seeing small towns like this (hopefully!)

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