Quest for the best dolphin video

This was the winner of y best dolphin video quest during our recent beach vacation.

My husband and I named our August 2022 beach vacation, “The summer of dolphins.” Despite the sadness of sea lions infected with toxic Domoic Acid, that I wrote about HERE, the dolphins were thriving.

Every day we saw dolphins. I was mesmerized watching them. I love to watch them cruise, leap and play. One teenager was swimming along with mom and dad. He’d roll over on his back and do a backward flip — showing off.

This video was taken on our second to last night. The water was like glass, the sunset shimmering pink reflected on the sea. You can see the dolphins tails as they dive.

We decided the best times of our vacation were:

Evenings at the beach during our last week

The visit with our son and his girlfriend

Farmer’s market fruits and vegetables

Dinners with friends

Fresh seafood

What are your best memories from vacations?

20 thoughts on “Quest for the best dolphin video

      • Thatโ€™s a beautiful area. I lived in Bay Area over 20 years, never made it to Solvang. I really wanted to go there. We always went to Monterey Bay, Carmel, Half Moon Bay as those beach towns were close to us. Each beach town unique in its way.

      • We started going to Santa Barbara because of friends who lived there. It’s been a further drive than Orange County beaches, where we went more often. Close is easier.

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