I was stunned!

desert yard with cactus and clouds
Back home in the desert after our beach vacation.

My first morning home. I am annoyed.

Not because I’m home, but because of what showed up in our huge stack of mail.

A letter from my husband’s employer that said we need to verify our marriage or I’d be dropped from health insurance.

I was stunned, I tell you, stunned.

We celebrated 37 years of marriage this summer. THIRTY SEVEN!

I spent a good hour gathering requested documents. Scanning and printing said documents. They want them faxed.

Requested documents included a certificate of marriage and tax returns, bank or mortgage statement.

What ticked me off is I am a former employee of this firm. They have everything about me. ALSO, we have a number of bank and investment accounts AND mortgages with this company.

When we filled out mortgage applications, we provided all the requested documents including tax returns and bank statements. They have our information.

How can I NOT be verified as a spouse?

Of course, I am providing all the information. I’m just annoyed that I have to do it. We live in a world where everything is compartmentalized and computerized. The personal touch is gone in much of our lives. We’re a number. Gone are the days of my childhood where we all knew each other.

I guess this is a reality check that my vacation is indeed over. Back to real life.

What has annoyed you this past week? Or have you had a great week without minor inconveniences?

57 thoughts on “I was stunned!

  1. I would be annoyed too E.A. for everything you mentioned and then some. I would be bothered by the basic lack of internal communication. They have a responsibility to care for your info as their own. If their own systems can’t talk to each other, what trust do I have that they’ll take care of mine. Just annoying. But I think this is the way things are now. Hang in there.

  2. You’re being kind using the word annoyed. My words would be much stronger. I’m sure it must be some red tape thing whereby the confirmation that this was done is more important than the fact that they already have this information- at least to those who make these stupid rules. What a homecoming…

  3. Wow! I would be upset too! That is crazy that they are asking for documentation now, after so many years!! And like you said, you used to be an employee there! I hope something happy happens to you today!
    Spam phone calls annoy me, but in comparison to other things they aren’t that bad. I just ignore them and let them talk to my machine!

      • I think BEFORE you give them all of this information, you need to talk to a person up to a top level and verify WHY this is needed, WHERE it is going, etc. I would argue “identity theft,” and I would ONLY give what was absolutely necessary. You need to find out WHAT they are using this information for, my opinion. This is out of the norm.

  4. I was annoyed yesterday because they canceled the memoir class I wanted to take. You’re paying the premiums for 37 years. For the same person. Does it matter?

  5. I’m glad you’ve verified it is actually coming from the company, but indeed quite annoying!

    I don’t know whether to be annoyed or not, but a friend asked me this morning about pre-ordering my book (it doesn’t come out until July 2023), and that’s how I found out it is already up online for pre-sales and my publisher said nothing to me about it!! I had just sent an updated book summary, because I thought none of this was live, yet. Sheesh. You’d think they would want me to be drumming up orders. Makes one wonder.

  6. I was annoyed when I took my in-laws to a doctor apt today and after I dropped them off, ran and parked the car, ran back to the facility, and they told me I had to leave because there is only one person allowed with the patient. I said so my 84 year old mother-in-law is supposed to push the wheelchair? She asked me to not only drive but to be there as a second set of ears! Ugg! I had to sit outside for over for over an hour! Life! 💕C

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