Do your ever dream about pets?

Angus and Sherman visit me in my dreams. Angus lived until 15 and Sherman was 18, RIP.

This might seem weird. But from time to time my RIP pets enter my dreams. I’m so happy to be reunited with them. This happened to me last night. My childhood dog Pepi was there. She was so happy, waving her tail and playing with a ball. I watched her romp around. Pepi was born on my six birthday, one of a litter of 10 golden retriever pups that arrived on my special day.

In my dream, I couldn’t believe how good Pepi looked. I was telling a friend that she was born when I was six. I was trying to figure out how old that would make her, but got stymied after I hit 50 years old. That couldn’t be! Even in my dream, I knew that was way too old for a golden.

Often when my pets visit me in my dreams, I see them from afar, running through a field. I sometimes get to pet them, but mostly they are out of reach.

I wonder what it means when our pets are in our dreams? I googled pets in dreams and one thing stood out to me. Several websites said that dreaming of our own pets means that we are preparing to take care of someone. Interesting, since I’m going to be flying to the Bay Area to take care of my son after his surgery.

kids playing with a Rottie
My kids celebrating Natasha’s birthday. Natasha also appears in my dreams. We had her for 10 years.

What are your thoughts about pets in dreams? Do you ever dream of a pet that’s passed away, or do you dream about a pet that you have now?

19 thoughts on “Do your ever dream about pets?

  1. I dream of a Golden Retriever that we are hoping to adopt. Her name will be Amy, our third Golden.

    Such beautiful photos you shared. Thanks ! 🤗

  2. I don’t dream of animals but I did have a minor dog incident today in which 2 loose dogs came at me with the pug. I collected him in my arms, hugged him tights, and yelled at the German Shepherd as he wrapped his legs around my waist. I am surprised the next block did not hear me creaming. I was trying to decide if I could make it to the boat in my neighbor’s yard or his pick up truck but the appears that the two dogs just wanted to play and eventually ran away. That was enough of a dream or nightmare for me.

    • That sounds horrific. I’m especially afraid of German shepherds. I had a birthday slumber party and we all went on a bike ride. A neighbor’s German shepherd attacked my best friend, knocked her off her bike and bit her.

      • I was afraid. It was not a good way to wake up this way early morning. One was a Siberian husky and the other a German Shepherd. After I start return to work in the next couple of weeks, the husband will be walking him every day!

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