Do I remember how to parent?

Young blond  boy on pony
My son loved to ride the “Snow White Pony” as he called it at our weekly street fair.

I’m talking about hands on parenting. My kids are in their 20s and I haven’t been hands on for years. My son is having shoulder surgery this week and he wants me to take care of him. I leave on Wednesday to be there prior to his Thursday morning surgery. I’ll be staying in an airbnb a few blocks from his apartment so i don’t have to drive. I don’t drive in the Bay Area, period.

He called me this morning and I told him, “I hope I’m helpful.” I haven’t had to take care of anyone since my husband last had shoulder surgery about three years ago and before that when my dad had shoulder surgery in 2014. I guess I do have experience with shoulder patients, though.

My time will mostly be filling the machine with ice that circulates coolness around his shoulder. And giving him meds on a schedule.

I’m a little nervous to travel back to California during this Delta variant thing. I fear they’ll shut down while I’m there! I know I’ll be required to wear masks again after not wearing them since my second shot here in Arizona.

The sweet thing is my son facetimed me the other day. He got his hair cut short and died it blond. He said he wanted to look just as he did when I was doing the full on parenting.

Three year old blond son
My son age three.

I’ll pack a few books, read my fellow bloggers and hang out with him. It doesn’t sound too hard, right? We will see.

Have you taken care of adult children recently? Did your parenting nurturing nature suddenly reappear?

16 thoughts on “Do I remember how to parent?

  1. My stepson went through a challenging period when he was working with BMW. I think he needed to get away from everything for awhile. He stayed with us in our quiet home for several weeks and then when he was ready, he left and returned to work. I think the quiet lifestyle and being near his dad worked for him.

  2. Mine left home for good when they were in their late 20’s and occasionally drop back for visits, but they are old enough to live in an 55+ community so they don’t need much parenting. As a matter of fact they are now our parents and we are their children. You will do fine. The Mother gene never goes away. It stays as strong when they are in their 20’s or 40’s.

  3. Oh, how thoughtful of him. I feel it will come back to you, sort of like riding a bicycle. I went to my oldest daughter’s college town for a few days to visit with her, as she is spending the summer there. It felt good to be able to help her clean her apartment, go grocery shopping for her, and be her “mommy” again. But I completely understand your hesitance.

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