Blogging from bed

view of Arizona backyard
View from my bed.

We’ve had thunder and lightening and down pouring rain since 10 p.m. last night. I’m sitting in bed watching the storm. I’ve decided this is a perfect day to blog from bed.

Right now there is a break in the rain, so I might venture out for a walk. But with all the thunder and lightning, I’m not sure it’s safe or the smartest idea. So here I sit, listening to the birds who are beginning to venture out.

It was quite a spectacular show last night — and the night before. The biggest issue is Olive who normally doesn’t meow. She was crying loudly this morning. When she got scared or nervous in the past — due to a pug named Waffles who likes to chase her — she ended up with a UTI. She’s hiding under the guest bed currently and I’m leaving her alone.

I’m enjoying my first monsoon season and blogging from bed!

Monsoon in Arizona
The water is pooling around the house.

Have you ever blogged from bed and for what reasons?

13 thoughts on “Blogging from bed

  1. Beautiful photos, wow !
    Yes, I sometimes blog from my bed – and watch the sea. Hoping that Olive will feel calmer soon.
    Thanks for sharing. 🤗🌷🌼

  2. I think your view might lend itself to blogging from bed. I don’t often do that as my desk with my big computer is my go to. If it rains and I like writing in the back room watching the garden outside in a rain deluge. Have a great day!

  3. Everyone knows, or should know, NEVER drive into a wash with water flowing! We have been her 40 years and every year someone tries it and gets swept down stream. It is so sad and unnecessary.

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