Covid recovery

Olive in bed
I’m hanging out with Olive in bed.

This morning I had two tasks. Take a shower and change the litter box.

I accomplished my tasks and I’m ready for bed. I feel like I scaled Mt. Everest. I had planned to write about a recent hack from Russia. That’s right, I got hacked by Russia.

But I’ll save that for next week when I have more energy.

Happy weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?

Have you been hacked? What have you done to protect your phone or computer?

36 thoughts on “Covid recovery

  1. I hope you get better soon Elizabeth. That’s a worrying bit of news, getting hacked. I’ll wait for your post to ask questions. Hugs.

  2. Oh my goodness…Olive looks like the perfect companion. So sorry to hear about hacks…but yes…keep that for another day…and take it easy today. 💕

      • Well that just sucks for both of you. I’m so sorry. I guess not much to do but hunker down and rest until you can be out in public again 😉 Do you have folks who can leave things on your doorstep if absolutely needed- or I guess at least get delivery service for food 🙁

      • We’re pretty well stocked up, but I have a couple of neighbors I can call. I stayed away from my husband after I tested positive, but not before.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time with covid. I hope you feel fully yourself soon! 💕

    As for the hacking, that’s awful! I’m so sorry! I can give a few suggestions to hopefully help prevent that in the future. There are internet browser add-ons that will allow you to block cookies (tracking). When a site, particularly banks, allows you to set up multi-factor authentication (require password plus numerical code sent to your phone for access), that’s good. Use complex and unique passwords for each account and track using a password manager. Finally, freeze all credit bureaus (and “thaw” for a few days if you ever need to run a credit pull.

    I have a post on privacy tools, which has some overlap with security, and additional details on some of the above:

  4. Hopes for a speedy recovery. Not been hacked but I had a very scary phishing scam. I normally just laugh at them but this one freaked me out. The email claimed they had hacked my computer with a military grade spyware and obtained all my contacts and had accessed my camera and had images of me looking at the monitor. They were going to impose this image on some particularly offensive porn and email it to all my contacts unless I deposited 1 bitcoin in a wallet they set up. As there were many things in the email that were untrue I dismissed it. It did bother me enough I covered all the camera hole facing me on all devices.

  5. Not happy to read about you feeling awful nor about you being hacked by Russia. There is no upside to this, other than I sense a great blog post is coming down the road. Take care, stay safe. Hug the kitty cat, it can only help.

  6. It’s impressive you did that much. Have a good rest!

    I’ve not been hacked, ever. I’ll look forward to your tale.

    I’m curious about whether you have a header image on your blog. All I see is a blank white box with a blue question mark.

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