22 thoughts on “A month Facebook free

  1. I check Facebook once a day, toss some likes, delete someone who’s stupid, and go on with my day. I look at insta throughout the day, but it’s more a drive by…I like the organizing/simplicity/book stuff, and then I’m done. My insta is curated by pleasant things so it’s a cute diversion. No Twitter. No tik tok unless my daughter sends me something, no be real…nothing else

  2. I scratched my FB account completely maybe 2 years or so ago. Do not miss it. I have no Snapchat, Instagram, Tickitytockity, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr, Tinder, Foursquare, or (TBD later on when the youth realize their parents are using all these other ones). I have my blog, and I control who follows me like a hyena stalks a wounded Gnu. Relentless.

  3. I got rid of Facebook a year or more ago. Definitely don’t miss it. I have Instagram and check it once in a while. I don’t post much. I do like Reddit for the interesting topics. And I do have TicToc, but rarely use it.

  4. Facebook is one of my best sources of blog traffic, I post each week, and respond to comments that appear there. I also have an author page. I recently posted a few personal posts from recent activities but that’s rare. I do love the connections to friends and family. Most of my social media accounts are places to promote my work and respond to followers. I don’t spend much time on any of them. It works for me for now. Hugs,C

  5. Like you I did FB when the kids were little. We had a Mommies group and it was fun to share the ups and downs of raising our wee ones and oh yes the pictures. Now I rarely do FB, as far as posting. I will scroll through it but that’s about it. When I do post its usually to share cute animal pics of beautiful nature pics that I come across. FB groups I follow are nature photos and animals, and quotes. The photos bring a smile.
    I post even less on Instagram, but I will scroll through it. No TikTok or Twitter. Don’t have time for it and just not interested.

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