A simple pleasure

mother daughter sailing
Sailing in Santa Barbara with my daughter on a friend’s boat.

Yesterday I got a pedicure. I last got one during our beach vacation in August. My daughter and I used to get pedicures together. It was a ritual that we loved, sitting side by side getting pampered. I’d read a book, she was on her phone. Although we weren’t talking much, I look back on those memories with tenderness.

Even when she went to college, we’d make time for pedicures when she’d be home for vacation. Or, if I was visiting her for a swim meet, we’d get pedicures together.

Then the pandemic hit and the nail salon by our house closed. Since I moved away, I’m not sure if it ever reopened. So many small businesses closed forever. I’ve had two pedicures since COVID hit.

Yesterday was a treat to be pampered. But it was bittersweet. I missed my daughter sitting by my side.

Do you have any simple pleasures with your loved ones? What do you like to do together?

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  1. My youngest and I both love older homes- like early 1900’s Victorians and such. We always went every year to the many local home tours in historic parts of our state. Then Covid…then she moved to Colorado 🙁

      • It’s just not the same is it. I keep hoping mine will return this way at some point. She really misses this area.

      • My daughter lived in AZ for one year, but didn’t like it. She hopes to return to So Cal, which would be six hours closer to us. I hope your daughter returns, too.

  2. I just spent the weekend with my daughter. Theater. Museums. Zoos. Book stores. There are always places we want to go together!! My husband and I play backgammon.

  3. Great pic and what a fun thing to do. Sailing on the water.
    Pedicures are fun too.
    Love special times with family! ❤

  4. A few months ago I took both my daughters, my son’s girlfriend, and myself for pedicures. My second since the pandemic too! It was fabulous! I like to go on long walks with my girls, watch movies, and enjoy long dinners on the patio! You and your daughter are adorable. Love the smiles. Hugs, C

    • It’s such an sweet time to be together during a pedicure. It’s like we’re both encouraging self care and loving the pampering. My daughter and I love walking and watching Gilmore Girls. Mother daughter connections ❤️❤️

  5. Wonderful photo. It is nice having rituals with our daughters. As they are older and when they get boyfriends the rituals keep changing. For example, my daughter and I enjoy meeting up and shopping at Trader Joe’s together now, getting lunch, etc. It’s fun!

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