Why I deactivated facebook

Here I am at a wedding Friday with my new friend.

We drove five and a half hours to a wedding Friday. If it wasn’t for my dear friend’s daughter, I don’t think we would have made the trip after driving nine hours home from vacation the weekend before. But we did it. Yes! I’m tired!

I wore a bright print dress in blue, green and white. When we first walked into the wedding crowd, I spotted a woman wearing the same dress! I waved to her and she walked over and we laughed.

“You know it’s reversible,” she said.

I had never met this person before. She is related to the groom and I am friends with the bride’s family.

We were interrupted by our husbands who informed us it was time to take a seat for the ceremony.

The wedding was lovely. It was held outside near San Diego at Mt. Woodson’s Castle — a stone mansion built in the 1920s that’s now a wedding venue.

After the ceremony, I bolted to the bathroom and flipped my dress inside out. Now I was wearing black with white polkadots!

I saw my new friend and she said “You didn’t have to do that!” I asked my husband to take a picture of us. I wanted to share it with a high school friend who sold me the dress. I thought she’d get a kick out of how the reversible dress came to the rescue.

I posted the picture on Instagram and tagged her. It automatically posted on facebook.

One of my other high school friends commented on my pic in a very suggestive way. It was creepy. It made me want to take the photo down. Then I thought, I rarely use facebook, I’m reading all sorts of negative things about facebook in the news. Let’s be done with it!

That’s why I deactivated my account.

It’s not deleted. I can restart it any time. The only reason why I would do that is for the years and years of photos that are housed there. I may want to download them. Then delete it for good.

Do you use social media? Why or why not?

40 thoughts on “Why I deactivated facebook

  1. Yeah, I scrapped (completely deleted it) my Facebook page a few years ago when I remembered I wasn’t 10 years old. No TikTock, No Instagram, No Snapchat, no Twitter. Even deleted my Linked-in. All I have is WordPress because kids do not have the patience to be bothered with it.

  2. I still have FB because there are a few online games I like that I can’t get anywhere else! Other than the blog, I am invisible and I like that.

    • Interesting. I have a separate FB page for my blog and it used to get a lot of views, but rarely does now. I think it’s because I posted my weekly SwimSwam columns there, too and they got a lot of readers.

  3. I come back to this question every few months. I think about doing more with the blog via social media, but I’m not the best at spinning/marketing my own work so I don’t get too far. Outside of the blog, I have FB and I’m somewhat active, but then I go through stretches where I rarely pick it up. It’s probably too short of time, but have you missed anything so far?

    • Years ago. I used to be on FB daily. Lately, I don’t use it more than once or twice a month. When I wrote a weekly parenting advice column for SwimSwam, I found posting the stories helped boost readership, for my blog not much. I haven’t missed anything. I still look at Instagram.

  4. This is such a great story. I’ve always had that fear of arriving at a wedding or cocktail party with the same dress as another woman. My response would be, “YOU have GOOD TASTE!” LOL – what else could we say. Good luck that your dress was reversible! You look good! Facebook – I’ve never been a fan. True, every once in a while we see a picture we would have missed or read a message that was nice, but total waste of time, really. I wanted to delete my account, but many companies are on Facebook and certain things we want to do, we need to use THEIR Facebook site. Also, I think Instagram is tied to Facebook too. I’m not on it, but AGAIN some companies I might want to follow use Instagram. So, it’s hard to get away from it 100% depending on what we do in life.

  5. Sorry that happened to you. Sounds like you did the right thing. I used to like FB a long time ago but its changed and I don’t use it that much anymore. I hate the way social media can be so misused! WP is my favorite type of social media. 😊

  6. I used to be a heavy Facebook user when I was 17. I’m talking albums everytime I go anywhere. Not many people interacted with me so I thought nobody saw the images. Then I found out someone downloaded all my images onto her laptop and showed her entire family. I felt stalled. I didn’t know you could download an image from Facebook. So I deleted everything and started over, but without pictures. Once I got married, I got into Instagram and eventually deactivated Facebook. 2 years later I made another account just to stay in touch with my brother who doesn’t have Instagram. I have Facebook now but I don’t post on it and I rarely ever go on it.

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