Creatures in my backyard

metal gecko on the fence
We have two geckos climbing our fence.

The people who built our house and lived here for 15 years prior to us buying it, took good care of the backyard. They filled it with landscaping, potted plants and creatures.

It was cool enough to be outside last night to barbecue. While the tri tip was grilling, I took photos of the critters the prior owners left.

Here are some of them:

statuary in back yard of birds
Not sure if these are owls or birds?
squirrel statue
rabbit and raccoon statue

aligator statue
This gator guards the pool.
baby alligator statue
Baby alligator
stone frog
I like this frog.
roadrunner statue
metal roadrunner statue.
My favorite roadrunner.
metal javelina

I had a friend over to hike last spring. She commented “You sure have a lot going on in your backyard.”

She’s right. All the statue critters are not exactly my taste, but they are growing on me. I’m not going to get rid of them, but I doubt I’ll add to the collection. The cactus and succulents are growing on me, too.

boot planter
Here’s a boot with a cactus growing inside.
group of statues.
Coyotes with a steer’s head and metal aloe.

What are your thoughts about statuary in the yard? Are you a fan or not?

26 thoughts on “Creatures in my backyard

  1. First, I will bet you have way more than two geckos climbing your fence. You just cannot always see the live ones. Second, those other “critters” may just attract some real ones looking for a meal. Yikes!

  2. I have a number of animals lurking around my yard of the inanimate variety. A family of quail, a large purple frog, a bird, another frog, a gecko. Also have a couple pair of boots that actually used to be my work boots. I had to chuckle at your “owls or birds” remark. I think that gator is particularly cool!

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