Boring words

Bunny staring at me through the window. He has a hole in one ear. I wonder how that happened?

I use boring words in my writing. I’m talking about “interesting,” “great,” “amazing,” and “important.” There are many more. If you google “overused words” you can find article after article of overused words and phrases.

I need better words.

When I write one of these words, I stop and think, what word can I use instead?

I managed to get rid of “very” and “just” — most of the time. Those words are unnecessary.

When I write, I have a choice to include overused words or ones more specific. General words don’t add flavor but make writing flat. Rewriting a sentence to avoid a boring word may improve writing rather than using a thesaurus to find a replacement.

It’s a challenge to avoid overused words. It makes my brain hurt!

What are your thoughts of overused words? What words do you use too often?

22 thoughts on “Boring words

  1. I know I overuse words too much, however I write on my blog the way I would speak to someone sitting across from me having a friendly chat. While I will toss in less frequently used words or phrases to mix things up my days of academic writing are over and I am not searching out avenues in my blog to publish anything like many bloggers are. I want readers to simply feel like we’re having a conversation, even if that means repeating words way too often!

  2. Interesting. My mother is Italian, so studied British English if that’s what you call it. When we were young, she so disliked many of the American expressions. So, when we watched the PBS/BBC shows, she started writing down ALL of the British expressions and would pass on to us kids. USE these words instead she would say. It was a good idea she had.

  3. Excellent post. Short and brilliant. Your timing is perfect. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own word choice and have mixed feelings. (First, I agree with you on unnecessary words like very and just. I hate ’em, hate ’em, hate ’em and try to delete them as soon as possible, because they really don’t mean anything.)
    Outside of that, I’ve long joked that a good friend of mine, who is not a naturally trained writer has a better vocabulary than me. I find that I tend to use the same words and don’t always get as creative as I should.
    I fret about that, but then I remember the KISS approach and one of my j-school profs lecturing on how the beauty of Hemingway wasn’t his word choice, but how he used those simple words to paint and tell a story that hit you where it counts. So, long story short, I’m not sure what works best. I just know that I’m no Hemingway and I need to keep working at it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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