My celebration

View of Cactus pool lanes
My new home pool.

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated in a few unique ways. First, I took a cold shower. Not on purpose, but the hot water was out. We had a plumber run a gas line from the laundry room into the kitchen the evening before. Tomorrow we are replacing the electric cook top with gas! We are so excited, but somehow the hot water got turned off so a cold shower it was. It sure woke me up!

Then I went to my first neighborhood club meeting. It was ladies coffee club with six other women from the neighborhood. It turns out the woman in charge of the coffee club lives right across the street from me. She and her husband stopped and introduced themselves when we first moved in but we haven’t seen them since. She apologized and said they were meaning to invite us over, but they forgot our names. I told her we had a concert and party and were going to invite them, also, but I couldn’t remember their names, either.

The big celebration for me was to drive 30 minutes to the pool and dive back in. I’ve been talking about doing this and haven’t made it there yet. We went from snow and freezing temps a little over a week ago to 80 degrees today, so I had no “it’s too cold” excuse. I set my birthday as my goal date to return to lap swimming. It was fabulous. I love the sensation of floating and gliding through the water. I met other nice swimmers who were so positive and friendly.

The downside to swimming was how out of shape and tired I got. Swimming is not a sport to drop for months at a time. Consistency is the key. My new goal is three days a week. It also makes me super hungry.

What special things do you do to celebrate yourself on your birthday or any day?

33 thoughts on “My celebration

  1. I love that you are swimming again. So am I. I am now back at the gym from a four month break due to my surgery. Four months is way to long to go without exercise. I now truly understand the old saying, if you don’t use it you loose it”. Good luck with your swimming.

  2. Happy Birthday!! My birthday is always within days of Mother’s Day, so tend to celebrate on Mother’s Day. I love brunch…and I’ve wanted to have a spa day with my daughter but Covid halted that, and this year she’ll still be at school for it, so I’m figuring something out

  3. Happy Birthday! I typically just do whatever sounds interesting that day…but then I tend to do that most days anyway!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you allow the celebrations to continue through the weekend! Glad you’re swimming too! I try to have my birthday celebrations in my head go on for a week when I can because I love my birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday E! What a wonderful way to celebrate doing something good for yourself! Bravo! Wow I didn’t realize how crazy your weather has been? That would keep me out of the water and in the house! The hard part is keeping to a schedule. Wishing you love of love and joy during your birthday month! Hugs, C

    • I needed to get back into the pool and my birthday seemed to be the perfect choice. It was because it was 80 degrees yesterday and today is cold and windy.

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