An amazing cloudy day

Our 80 degree weather with sunshine vanished. We had one day and night of rain and cool temps — back into the 50s. Then yesterday was a cloudy cool day. But I enjoyed the beauty of the clouds and will share them with you. Most often our days are filled with bright blue skies.

Sonoran sunrise on a cloudy day
I walked into the backyard to get this photo of the sunrise among clouds. It rained during the night and the world smelled like creosote.
Our front yard cactus garden
This is our front yard during yesterday’s cloudy day. The previous owner loved gardening and he was quite proud of his cactus garden. When we first looked at the house, my husband confessed he hated cactus due to a run in with one when he was young. I think cacti are growing on him now.
Cloudy day in the Carefree area.
A morning walk view in our neighborhood.
Cloudy day
More clouds.

I’ve decided cloudy days are beautiful and they add a nice contrast to our regular sunshine. I want it to warm up though so I can jump back into the pool and swim laps.

Do you like sunny or cloudy days more? Why? Do you think a sunny day makes you feel more hopeful or happier?

23 thoughts on “An amazing cloudy day

  1. Sunny skies are wonderful, but the clouds do temper the heat and I like that. It’s interesting to look at the pictures you post of your area. It makes me stop for a moment every time. The skies are the same no matter what but then I look down and there is no green grass and no pine trees!

  2. I took a picture similar to your first one last week but it was the sunset not the sunrise. We had rain that day. Not sure why sunny days seem happier than cloudy days. Maybe because you can be more open while cloudy days tend to be colder so you’re bundled up? Great photos! The sky is so expressive.

  3. Clouds here in Florida procreate at an enormously fast rate. If you are on the beach and see a small one, time to pack up and go home, because you are about 15 minutes away from a “Noah’s Ark” moment.

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