Looking for art

The top of the bar in our living room.

Today my husband and I went looking for art, stone or something for two 16 by 16 inch spaces at the top of our bar. We found a few things including glass, natural stone and geodes. But we have different ideas of what will work. I want a bright contrasting color like orange or red. He wants green or blue. I like green and blue, but I feel those colors will get lost.

I have a feeling those spaces will remain empty.

It was very hot and humid outside. We walked around our little town of Carefree and then Cave Creek going in and out of consignment stores and art galleries. When I got back home I felt dizzy with vertigo. I have gotten vertigo twice in the past year. Hopefully this time it goes away quickly without having to see the doctor or going on prednisone like the last two times.

I’m sitting in bed typing this and finishing my neighborhood’s newsletter — hoping I don’t fall off!

Have you had vertigo? What has worked for you to get over it? Happy August First!

28 thoughts on “Looking for art

  1. I get the occasional issue with vertigo but it’s never been anything long lasting. Very odd to experience the dizziness though, very disorienting. Those niches would look interesting with some folk art from the area/culture. They definitely call out for some bright pops of color!

  2. I have not experienced vertigo but after the acupuncture for my hip I am always asked if I feel dizzy. Not, so far. Feel better. The heat in Tampa is the highest it has been in a hundred years!

  3. I think you should get two votes on the artwork, your husband gets one! You win. About the vertigo, I get that on occasion, usually I got up to fast, or I’m dehydrated! Try a glass of water next time. Hugs, C

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