A New Low? Who Yells at Kids?

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I read an article yesterday about Girl Scout being harassed for selling cookies.


I wrote about being yelled at sitting at a booth registering voters HERE. If I was shaken up after being yelled at as an adult, can you imagine how a five or seven-year-old would feel?

The article was called “Girl Scout cookie sellers as young as 5 are being harassed for selling unhealthy food and a conspiracy theory about cookie money funding abortion” by Lela Moore on a website called Insider.

It turns out that young girls are being yelled at for selling cookies because “they make you fat” and they use “palm oil” that means forests are being destroyed. Then there are those who have linked Girl Scouts to Planned Parenthood because one local council had their Girl Scout logo on a Planned Parenthood brochure one time a decade ago.

Here’s an excerpt:

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, and young saleswomen in uniform are everywhere: holding court in office boardrooms for an afternoon, manning booths outside the local grocery store, or posting cheery video messages on social media, offering door-to-door shipping. You may even have a Girl Scout under your own roof, filling your garage with cases of the chocolatey, caramelly, peanut-buttery goods. 

But Girl Scouts, and the women who lead their troops and volunteer with them during cookie season, say that the organization’s tradition of face-to-face sales is increasingly accompanied by customer harassment.

“I feel like in the last 10 years, and maybe especially since the pandemic, that people are getting even more aggressive with girls and the volunteers,” Oona Hanson, a Scouting parent in Los Angeles, said. 


Another thing the teen Girl Scouts have to endure is sexual harassment.

When I was in kindergarten, I joined Bluebirds, which was the youngest group of Camp Fire Girls. When it came time to sell the Camp Fire Mints — which were delicious by the way — my mom bought them all. She refused to let me go door to door selling mints. This was in the 1960’s. I was disappointed because it seemed fun to me. I’m sure Mom had her reasons, and she was very strict and overprotective.

What are your thoughts about Girl Scout Cookies? Has our society gone off the deep end with people yelling at the girls selling cookies outside grocery stores?

21 thoughts on “A New Low? Who Yells at Kids?

  1. My thoughts? Too expensive anymore. And no, I do not care that they go to a good cause. I spent a lifetime buying candles, cookies, candy bars, t-shirts, magazines ( i never read), cheap jewelry, all for a good cause. My kids AND grandkids are now beyond the age of BS, GS, Booster clubs, after school activities and bake sales…..so…let the next generation of parents deal with this stuff. Of course, I am not an advocate of taking out on young ladies who are just earning a merit badge.

  2. I don’t think it is ever right to take aggression out on kids – especially kids who are doing something good. But I do understand buyer fatigue. I blame the people at the carts in the mall. You know the ones I mean? You can’t politely decline without verbal and (borderline) physical harassment, so people have learned to be harsh. You’re leisurely wandering the stores looking for a new pair of jeans, lost in thought, and *pop* someone’s in your face peddling hair straighteners and *pop* wrinkle cream from the Dead Sea and *pop* remote control whirligigs -and if you say no and try to hurry past you’re shamed and insulted. I think those venders are conditioning harsher rejection responses and the poor Girl Scouts must be suffering for it. It’s just my theory, but maybe!?

  3. As a former scout, cookie mom who organized multiple troop sales and moved hundreds of cases of cookies like a long haul trucker…and…working as a long time leader I think that says volumes about my feelings on scouting. As to society- civility, or the loss of it is one thing. Screaming at or hitting on girl scouts raising $ speaks to signs of serious mental issues.

  4. My mom said she didn’t believe in girl scouts so I never was one and my kids weren’t interested (or didn’t persist if I said no, I can’t remember). I think yelling at the kids is definitely wrong. If you don’t want the cookies say no thanks and walk on.

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