Views from my week

sun setting in the desert
Almost sunset the other night in the neighborhood.

Besides sitting down writing this week for NaNoWriMo, I went for walks, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets and was entertained by Olive the cat and our friendly quail. FYI, I’m almost 10,000 words into my 50,000-word challenge. My husband took off to help our son move so I’m alone and will have lots of quiet time to write. I’m stressed because he didn’t leave himself enough time. He may be on his way back home in an hour. It’s out of my control, but it’s the type of thing that makes me anxious.

My son is moving from his apartment of five years into a house with more space. My son needs help because he isn’t supposed to lift anything due to his August shoulder surgery. My daughter said, “Only my brother would plan a move when he wouldn’t be able to pack or lift anything.”

She’s looking to move as well, so my husband might be moving her if she finds a place this weekend. She looking at apartments this very minute. Funny, the house my son is moving into is 700 feet from the house my daughter gave notice to leave. It wasn’t planned and I’m sure they’d like the close proximity, but it just worked out that way. My son is moving for more space and the black mold they discovered doesn’t agree with him. My daughter is moving because she’s in a co-op with a total of eight people and she’d like to try living alone. She said she’s tired of other people’s messes. Just wait until she has kids someday!

cat peering through cat grass looking out a window.
Olive hides behind her cat grass waiting for the quail to appear on the patio.
Quail out the window where I sit and write.
A bunny hangs out with the quail.
Sunset in Arizona

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Anybody have more exciting plans than mine of sitting and writing? What are your plans? How much time do you give yourself at the airport when you travel?

19 thoughts on “Views from my week

  1. I get to the airport stupidly early. Even so I’ve had issues with lines and timing. I’m seeing an exhibit at the library. I’m supposed to see a play on Sunday but that might get cancelled due to something I’m not quite ready to talk about yet.

    • Ha! Walks do help me with my writing. I’ve taken a morning walk before I sit down to write for six years now — except for when I blew out my knee and had surgery. I’m following Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” methods.

  2. We get to the airport early but that’s because we don’t fly much and it is still an adventure. I am spending this weekend on a scrapbooking retreat with some friends. I’ll be in heaven scrapbooking with no other demands on my time! I’m driving, which is good because I have to bring a bunch of stuff that I’m not sure would go through security!

  3. Good luck with your writing. 10,000 words is impressive. I’m sure you got more written since im 10 days too late reading this. I hope your son is settling in his new house well and did ur daughter find a place yet? Love the pictures, especially the 1st one.

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