Thoughts on the Time Change

Golden Gate Bridge view from Marin Headlands.

This is the first year of my entire life that we didn’t change our clocks. It turns out Arizona doesn’t fall back or spring forward. I’m thrilled. This time of year my body naturally starts to wake up earlier. I like having the extra time in my mornings. Then bam! We have to change our clocks and I’m back to waking up what feels like early — but it’s really not. Does that make sense?

My husband went to the Bay Area this weekend to move my son and his girlfriend from their tiny apartment into a more spacious house. They had been in the apartment for five years and my son was stressed. He said this felt like the first time he’s really moved. He explained that his earlier moves were to college into a dorm room, from a dorm room to a co-op and finally into the apartment in the Bay Area. He didn’t have much to move besides books and clothes. After five years he now has “stuff.” Big stuff like a desk, bed, dresser, a full kitchen with stuff like a rice cooker, dishes, pots and pans — and a plethora of plants.

My husband called me in disbelief after driving to Uhaul. The moving truck my son reserved wasn’t available. It turned out all the vehicles at Uhaul had their catalytic converters stolen! They had to drive two towns away to get a Uhaul — and they lost valuable hours. Welcome to the Bay Area!

I had a quiet weekend writing and reading. I really enjoyed my time alone. Here’s to Week 2 of NaNoWriMo.

What are your thoughts about the time change? Do you adjust to it easily or do you find it a pain?

Tweet from Arizona Senator Sinema.
A tweet from our Arizona Senator about the time change.

22 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Time Change

  1. Yay, Arizona! I am with you in spirit. Although I am on the East Coast, and my government told me to change my clocks on Sunday, I stand with Arizona, and stay on daylight saving time with my own sleeping and waking schedule, meaning that I get up and go to bed an hour “earlier” from November to March. No painful adjustments to my biological clock, and I love the “extra” hour I gain in the morning. Much respect to Arizona!

  2. I am probably an extreme minority, but I like it. I’m more of a late night person and the extra time I have in the eve makes me feel more productive and rested. I feel I have extra time once I’m home, so I get some things done and still have time to relax before bed.

  3. I knew Arizona didn’t change the times. I think there is another state that doesn’t as well. I personally love the fall back and extra hour. I was at a scrapbook event this weekend and that meant extra time for me to scrapbook!

  4. Does Arizona change time zones or just keep on rocking like the time change never happens?

    As I work full time, I have to adjust to the time change, but my act of resistance is keeping my car on summer time.

  5. Here in CA, we recently voted to keep Daylight Saving (our summer hours) year-round, preferring the extra hour of sun at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning. Unfortunately, apparently the Feds need to give it their blessing and haven’t. I’m not sure why.

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