Living in the Wild Kingdom

Two of the six javelina we spotted in our neighborhood Sunday morning.

Last week we were fortunate to see our bobcat in action inches from our bedroom window. I posted photos and video HERE.

Sunday on our morning walk, I caught sight of a squadron of javelina. Yes, that’s what a group of them are called. These were six youngsters I believe, because they were smaller than ones I’ve seen in our yard. Also, they didn’t have tusks. I thought they were related to pigs, but a docent at the nearby preserve told us they are in the guinea pig family.

Javelina enjoying freshly ripened prickly pear.

There’s never a dull moment in the desert of Arizona. I’m enjoying the surprises!

I’ll admit I got a little nervous when this guy stopped and faced me.

What are some of the creatures you have in your neck of the woods?

8 thoughts on “Living in the Wild Kingdom

  1. Love all this wildlife you photo and video there in the desert! It’s so different from the squirrels and racoons here in the southeast! đŸ™‚
    We live on the side of a mountain wilderness and see tons of whitetail deer, chipmunks, racoons and the occasional coyote or bobcat.

    • They see dogs as a threat. We saw around 12 of them one evening when my daughter was visiting with her 16-pound pug. We told her to pick him up and we stood back as they crossed the road.

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