A Healthy Update On My Progress



Our gorgeous Palm Springs pool has reopened after replastering.

This week was fun and busy. I had lunch with a couple great friends on different days. I am so thrilled that our friendships continue through the years and different stages of our lives. They’re both inspiring women who are smart and kind. Next, I got the results of my MRI, saw the doctor and started Physical Therapy. I will work on strengthening and improving my range of motion for several weeks and go back to the doctor to schedule reconstructive surgery on my ACL. The good news is it can wait until I go to my daughter’s last home meet and PAC 12 championships. I wouldn’t want to miss them for anything! Not even for a fixed leg.

Earlier this school year, my husband and I flew to Salt Lake City to visit our daughter and watch her swim. On the flight home, things didn’t go as planned and we had to get off the plane and wait for another one, due to technical difficulties. While we waited on and off the plane, we were seated with two young women who looked like athletes—tall and fit. We got to talking and they were a former swimmer and softball player who are physical therapists and own their own business in our area called Dynamic Therapy.  We enjoyed their company and bonded over swimming and college athletics. Now, I’m visiting their office as a patient. It turns out the swimmer has been part of our team’s Masters program and I’m working on convincing her to get back into the pool.

My physical therapist said I can get in the pool—but not to swim. She suggested walking and exercise. I won’t have to wear the uncomfortable leg brace and the lack of gravity should make it easier for me to move. My only concern is how do I get in and out of the pool? The walking in water sounds like a great idea, but how do I start and how do I leave? Yes, there is the required handicapped lift, but do I want to use it? No, I don’t. I’ll see how that one goes when I get my courage up to jump in.

I also have a list of seven exercises that I’m supposed to do several times a day. I did three of them, which are done standing, but I have this fear of the ones where I am supposed to be sitting on a mat. What happens if I can’t get up? It’s not the actual exercises that are the problem, it’s my mobility in getting down and off the ground, just like in and out of the pool. Funny problems, if you think about it.


I’m missing my morning walks but should be able to return to this view soon.


In any case, things are shaping up and I’m feeling better getting on track to recovery.


4 thoughts on “A Healthy Update On My Progress

  1. walking sticks (like for hiking, but with a rubber tip so they don’t slip inside) can be really helpful for getting up and down, whether from a pool deck or floor for exercise. Without sticks, getting to a 3-point stance, two hands and good knee/foot bearing weight is also a way to then get back up. Takes a bit of practice (and is a great way to develop core strength). Good thing to practice in PT. Who knew the value of that connection on the plane? (BTW, that’s how my folks met, my dad missed a flight and he and my mom met on the flight–he recognized her from Jr. High French class).

    • Thank you for your advice! I have decided today to wait until my husband comes home to practice getting up off the floor. I will check out the pool this weekend and see if there’s an easy way out without hurting my knee. I like the story of how your mom and dad met on a plane!

  2. Oh the life of an athlete in recovery. My daughter Jill has had ACL surgeries and has recovered to be active again.

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