What I missed

A neighbor’s Mexican Fence Post cactus with Santa hats to fight the freezing weather.

It’s been one week since I got a nasty cold with congestion and a cough. I tried really hard to get over it quickly so I went to bed for the weekend. I found once I got out of bed and resumed somewhat normal activities, I’d relapse a bit. I got tired quickly and I’d wake up in the middle of the night with major congestion.

Yesterday I was feeling much better. We went for our morning walk — even though it was in the low 30s! I realized I hadn’t walked in close to a week. That’s after walking practically every day for years!

I missed my morning walks so much while I was recovering from my cold. Normally, I’d push through and walk anyway, but I didn’t want to tire myself out this time.

We went on two walks yesterday and it was gorgeous outside if not cold. I bundled up in a ski parka, stocking cap and gloves. The air was bright and clear. I’m thrilled to be out and about and taking my daily walks. I think the fresh, cold air helped me feel better. I know the beauty did.

Have a great weekend! What are your plans for the last weekend before the holidays? Are you caught up with shopping, decorating, etc.?

21 thoughts on “What I missed

  1. Hmmm…this is actually a relatively quiet weekend. But my daughter and I did go to a Christmas music thing last night, and we have some night plans during the week next week, but hopefully chill

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. I also enjoy a daily walk (generally with the dog). I go my Christmas cards (all 6 of them) done today. Only have hubby and dog to shop for, so I’ll set aside a day this coming week to do that. Just goofy gifts. No pressure.

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