Is it safe?

Princesa condo resort view from patio
View from our patio where I spent hours reading.

I’m trying to get my head out of Mexico and a relaxing three-day weekend, back into the real world of everyday life.

Several of my friends were worried when they heard we were driving to Mexico. I had been afraid for more than a year. I was too afraid to go. Finally, I talked to people who have gone there and they assured us it was safe.

Sandy Beach condo view of Rocky Point
Sandy Beach (where the condos are located) looks across the bay to downtown.

The drive is very easy — once you get off Interstate 10 and the crazy Phoenix traffic. It’s a straight shot down a two-lane highway to the border. It’s such an easy drive that I take over in Gila Bend to Ajo and Why — all the way to the Visitor’s Center at the Organ Pipes Cactus National Monument. (Ajo and Why are two tiny American towns.)

The beach resort is one hour from the border on a road exactly like on our side of the border. The only difficult part is what I call the gauntlet. Once you cross the border you have about 300 meters of mutilated beggars, squeegee guys and tamale and tortilla hawkers. They surround your car and we nod our head “no thank you” repeatedly. It’s really a depressing view to enter and depart Mexico. It’s a gut wrenching contrast to our life in the states.

beach walk on Sandy Beach.
My husband during one of our many beach walks.

Once through the gauntlet, it’s smooth sailing. They love tourists. The resorts are 50/50 Americans and Mexican families. There are security guards and police at every resort and throughout the town.

We took beach walks, collected shells, and I read tons. Then we worried about where to go for dinner. That was it. I really got into a relaxed frame of mind.

Where is your favorite place to relax? What do you like to do during a weekend getaway?

15 thoughts on “Is it safe?

  1. We are supposed to be going to Mexico with some friends in September. We’ve never been. My relaxing time is a day at the beach with a book.

  2. I like to walk and see the wildlife and flowers. Spent the weekend in Carmel before coming to a conference in Sacramento for the week. I think I may have been to that resort you pictured! It was some years ago.

    • I used to go to Cabo when I was in college. I had a sorority sister whose family owned a place. Great memories! It was fun to go back to Mexico even though it’s only a small town on the Gulf of California. Your lake house sounds perfect!

  3. Would you believe that once upon a time, like in college, I would go to my Grandma’s (Bubbie’s) condo in Palm Springs for breaks, with friends and once with a boyfriend? That was in the 1970s when it was still a relatively unknown sleepy kind of place.

    I’m getting ready to drive from the L.A. area to Tucson, the first stop on my cross country moving trip. My friend advised taking I8 to avoid the I10 traffic. Do you agree with that recommendation? This is the only part of the trip where I will be driving alone in my new car.

    • Wow! Palm Springs has gotten so popular and busy the last ten years. I liked it better when it was quieter. I think the 8 would be a good choice. It’s definitely not as busy but it’s also isolated and a longer drive. From Palm Springs until you get to Phoenix the 10 is an easy drive. It’s a two lane highway.

      • Made it on the 8 Just getting to it down the 5 was a heck of a haul but after that it was smooth sailing and no traffic at all!

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