Starting over — again

under water swim photo
My daughter swimming years ago in our Palm Springs city pool. The photo was taken by one of my longtime swim buddies.

I’ve been horrible about swimming. The last time I swam was March 3. One reason was we had guests. Another was the temperature got cold for a week. Then I got my hair done — and that means no swimming for a few days — otherwise I’d ruin my “do.”

When we lived in Palm Springs, I was one mile from the pool and I would start and stop — but I was more consistent than I am now. I swam with our Piranha Masters and I had two friends who would text me before practice to make sure I was going. It’s good to have workout partners for motivation.

Our new home is 20 miles from the nearest Scottsdale pool and it takes me 40 minutes with traffic to get there.

It’s easy to NOT go. Especially with gas prices so high. Also, the tiniest bit of wind or cold weather keeps me away.

I feel so much better when I swim. I sleep better, too.

A neighbor suggested I try out the YMCA in Cave Creek. I went last week to check it out and it’s not the greatest pool — it only has three lanes for lap swimming — but it’s only 6 miles from our house. I have a free one-week trial and I reserved a lane Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday went swimmingly. I had a lane to myself and the staff and swimmers were friendly and welcoming. Because it’s a beach entry pool and has so few lanes for lap swimming, you have to make an appointment for a lane. Perhaps that will get me to the pool with a set time reserved.

The YMCA has a huge gym with excellent equipment and a ton of classes including yoga, zumba and barre. Who knows, I may expand my workout world and try a few classes, too.

How do you stay motivated to work out? Are you consistent or do you start and stop and begin again?

13 thoughts on “Starting over — again

  1. I walk, almost everyday, although I never think of it as exercise. I walk for my mental and emotional health. It helps my BP and is easiest on my joints and may burn calories but for me it’s about my mind- the rest just gets tossed in.

  2. The apartment complex where my mom lived had a pool and for a while the kids and I went up quite often, especially during the summer but the kids got older and busier so we stopped. I am horrible about exercising and that’s one of the reasons I got the dog so that I would have a reason to at least get out and walk twice a day.

  3. I dearly miss the pool I went to in California at the YMCA. The exercise class in the warm pool drew mostly us older ones but it was great. I could do all the exercises I could not do out of the pool. I am going for cardiac rehab next week and I am hoping they will give me pool time. Living where it bitterly cold four months of the year with snow piled up everywhere is a prescription for depression. Too slick to walk much, only a small mall about 30 miles away and now gas has gotten too much that we have to weight each thing we do. Enjoy that pool for me too.

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