Tossing and turning

bright red desert flowers
Some bright spots of color in our backyard.

I had one of those nights of not being able to stay asleep. It was awful. I looked at the clock at 1 a.m., 3, 4, 5 and 6 a.m. Finally, I gave up. I tried to figure out what was the problem. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was too hot. I had a headache. I felt clammy. I wanted some water. It was always something.

Now that it’s daytime, I’m pushing through my day, though not feeling 100%, I realized my problem with last night was today. I’m having to get out of my comfort zone. I took on my HOA’s newsletter as editor and I have most of it done — except for the front page. I was told that after the HOA board meeting — which is TODAY — the board would give me the information from the meeting. Then I can put the newsletter to bed.

But I got a phone call. They want me to go to the meeting, introduce myself and say something. The board wants to meet me to have me take notes. Ordinarily, this would be no big deal. I had a career of doing newsletters. I don’t know what is it this time? Maybe it’s COVID shut down related. Starting our third year of not having our normal interactions.

Also, I have a new audience for my work and I am insecure if people will like it or not. They’ve had the same person doing the newsletter for 15 years and I’m coming in fresh. Maybe they will want the newsletter the way it was before. The same handful of people have sat on this board of directors for 15 years. They said they want fresh ideas and people, but will they? On the bright side, I’ll finally meet some people in this neighborhood — and that was the point of me taking on this project.

Bright orange tipped desert plants
More color in the backyard.

Do you feel intimidated by new situations and people? Do you push yourself out of your comfort zone? When you do, do you lose sleep over it? What do you lose sleep over?

16 thoughts on “Tossing and turning

  1. Do I feel intimidated? Yes. Do I put myself out there? Yes and no. But as you know, I think blogging puts me out of my comfort zone, so I’ll take that as the win…

  2. I’ve been in similar situations, as I too like to put myself out there to meet new people and also to challenge myself. Usually what comes out of my sleepless nights and fret over my fears or concerns is positive. They either love the changes or they help me to move past my concerns with constructive feedback. You are a fabulous writer, don’t doubt yourself, they will love you as much as your followers do. Good luck

  3. I’d be stressed too but I’d give it my best shot, especially if it something I am familiar with. You’ll do great and/or you’ll learn something.

  4. What a fabulous idea taking on the newsletter and getting on the board! That is a excellent plan for meeting new people and using your skills to benefit your neighbors. You are an amazing writer, trust yourself, and by the way I think they’re going to love you! Hugs, C

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