You know you’re officially old when….

Video of Alexandra and Christy Simpson playing viola during our Christmas vacation.

My son’s girlfriend’s sister is playing in a concert in Scottsdale. She and another sister will be staying with us. I looked up the concert and guess what?

I only knew one of the artists listed as headliners for the four-day concert. How did that happen? I don’t feel like an old fogey. I used to be really into music. I kept up with music when my kids had their ipods. We listened to the radio driving to and from school and the pool.

We had a huge music festival called Coachella near our old home. My kids would go. We had friends of our kids stay with us for the concert, too. I knew the headliners if not the lesser known groups.

Here’s a link to our guest’s website with her bio and videos. She promised to play for us while she’s here since the concert she’s playing in is sold out. We’re so excited and have invited neighbors to join us for our own private concert.

Here’s the list for the upcoming concert. How many do you know?


With Special Guest



With Special Guest



With Special Guests



With Special Guests


Do you keep up with current music? Or do you prefer to listen to music from your youth?

Christmas crew in Santa Barbara

11 thoughts on “You know you’re officially old when….

  1. I’ve heard of and/or heard four of them. I try to stay current as much as possible. It helps when my daughter asks to pit the radio on Hits 1 on Sirius when she is in the car with me.

  2. The only one I’ve heard of is Macklemore but I couldn’t tell you the name of the song that he sings that I like without looking it up. I feel the same way when I see the Grammy winners. Sometime even the Academy Awards and Oscars too! Where did these people come from? I’ve been listening to Spotify, specifically the oldies from the 50’s and the Rat Pack guys, channeling my mom for a while.

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