All’s well in newsletter land

Southwestern back yard with pool bar and fountain
A view of our backyard. You can find me most days across the pool on a zero-gravity recliner with a book.

The board meeting was a snap. I get so worked up over nothing. The people were kind. They were nice. I’m making new friends. I now know what’s going on in the neighborhood with landscaping, pickleball and budgets. The people were appreciative that I volunteered with another woman to continue the newsletter. My newsletter partner is making my job easier. She has lots of ideas and gathers information for stories.

Without us stepping up, the newsletter was going to stop.

I finished it in a few hours after the meeting. I’ve emailed it to be proofread and to get feedback. I’m very happy with it. Pleased in fact.

Now I have to wait for the Board’s approval. I’m not anxious anymore. I’m relieved it done.

It’s good to get out of my comfort zone once in awhile. Especially, when I’m getting too comfy on the couch or chaise lounge reading and not wanting to leave the house.

My daughter told me that it’s not normal to worry as much as I do. She said I need therapy.

In any case, I’m very happy and relaxed today. Feeling fine. I’ve beat my husband two days in a row in ping pong, too.

If you missed my post yesterday about losing a night’s sleep being a worry wart, you can read it HERE.

Huge thanks to my son. While I was taking care of him post surgery, I worked on the newsletter (getting everything done except for the Board meeting news). He said, “I love newsletters and doing layouts. Can I work on it? I never get to anymore.” (FYI, he helped with their swim team newsletter and was in charge of the website while in high school.) He put in two hours changing the standard Apple Pages template into something unique. Thank you dear son! They love your work. I couldn’t have done it without you. You know you’re on the hook for each issue, right?

Why do you lose sleep — or do you? What’s the biggest worry in your life right now?

18 thoughts on “All’s well in newsletter land

  1. I fall asleep ok six out of seven days. I always have one night I just can’t comfy. I have a whole pre bed journal ritual. In fact…I have a whole night ritual. I’m not a worrier per week, but I do admit I’m in a bit of a tizzy helping my parents out…

      • I will tell you my night ritual. I wash up and put on comfy pjs, make tea and then look over my calendar and do my to do list. This really helps because it allows me to get things off my mind. After this is done I get into bed. I journal…the big things are gratitude, best and worst of the day, what was stressful and what I did for fun. I also have a question a day journal. I work on the crossword for a few minutes and then I read…light non fiction.

  2. I’m glad it worked out well for you!
    I’m glad you are able to take criticism from your daughter; it can be difficult to hear those things. You’re a good mom, Elizabeth, and it sounds like your children love you very much. All good things!

    I’m glad your husband is feeling better!

    I sleep with a fan on every night because I need white noise, but I learned about this therapeutic white noise called Solfeggio Frequencies that you listen to while you sleep. I’ve been doing that all week (while I’ve had a cold), and I wake up refreshed every day. Maybe try something like that for your anxiety? I figure every little bit helps. 🙂

  3. I don’t have a nighttime ritual but most nights are good, usually once a week I wake in the middle of the night, and start redecorating the living room. They never helps. If I think of an empty cave or placid lake I can usually quiet my thoughts long enough to fall back asleep. Recently Larry and I began watching Breaking Bad, we missed it when it was popular, so with the pandemic and all we’re revisiting the old ones that our friends enjoyed. Well, that’s not a good show to watch before bed, I’ve woken up at least four times in the throws of a horrible nightmare mimicking some of those bloody scenes. So that one we had to finish during the day. Hugs, C

    • I want to grab whatever book I’m reading, but that usually keeps me up longer. I haven’t seen Breaking Bad, but we went to a friend’s home to watch football yesterday and they told us to watch Ozarks. I did and couldn’t stop. So that’s not helpful either.

  4. IDK but maybe all the lounging you’re doing is keeping you too relaxed? I mean, if you’re going to stress out, do it during the day, for Pete’s sake! JK

    I also took on an HOA job following a move for reasons similar to yours. It was to update the community directory, like with phone numbers and maybe even for landlines. Come to think of it, that was a really long time ago! I think I finally got it published just before we moved again, 4-5 years later.

    I also tried the high school newsletter in the new place but knew much less about formatting something like that so that job didn’t last as long.

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