Another dog story

Malamute puppy

What helps you when you’re in a bad mood?

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  1. “… in violation of orders of quarantining for 10 days…”

    Oh that is disturbing and I’m right there with you about being in a bad mood. Sorry to read this, although happy to meet Emma.

  2. I’m with Ally…what a horrible encounter to start the day…and name calling, too?! But hey…what’s better than meeting Emma? What a cutie. And…what lovely friends/neighbors you are to support a bereft dog owner when he needed help. “Those days” are terrible…good of you to help him get through the decision-making. 💕

  3. Did the guy walking the Pit seem aggressive? For some reason, when I read about yesterdays encounter, I remembered a comment on one of your earlier blogs where somebody mentioned that someone must be teaching/modeling aggressive behavior to the dog. I also know you described the woman as tiny and 100 pounds. Do you think she is safe? For some reason, your post today prompted me to pray for her. I’m sorry the encounter ruined your day, but I also feel glad you’re there- in case something isn’t as it seems. I’ll bet you get to the bottom of it eventually.

  4. EA- there’s the backstory I was talking about! I’m reading a huge issue here, given they are ignoring the order and the conversation. How close to these people do you live? Are you going to pursue this more through the system? I know you are smart and probably have already seen where this could all go, but honestly either the dog or the man or both are clearly already harming someone (woman) or will harm someone in the neighborhood before long. It just isn’t going to turn out good.

    • Oops- the pup is adorable and I’m glad for the neighbor. Tell him not to walk the pup in any direction near the Pit/man ever or let the dog be unleashed…just one of those horrible things waiting to happen.

    • Fortunately we’re on opposite sides of the neighborhood. We did call the County and they sent Animal Control to talk to them. I never saw the man before yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s the ex husband or a friend who stopped by to walk Star on her behalf. Very strange.

  5. Emma!! She’s so cute. Definitely a way to improve the mood – in real life and on WordPress. And tangentially, what a sweet relationship with Emma’s owner. The contrast with the other owner/dog couldn’t be more clear. Hoping for more Emma and less Star.

    • We can all use more Emma and less Star! Our neighbor takes care of our mail and looks out for our house when we leave. I was happy to finally do something for him.

  6. Bad mood antidotes are usually allowing myself to have a pity party for a half hour, a home decorating or food show or rerun of a favorite sit com, and a Diet Coke.

  7. Emma is the sweetest little thing!! What a joy to have a little puppy next door! 🥰 On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear that Star’s owner is violating the stipulations… I wonder if there’s anything more you’re able to do.

    • I’m thrilled to have Emma next door and get to watch her grow. We called Animal Control and they were upset. They said the dog is not to leave the house expect to go to the bathroom in their yard. They sent someone over right away.

  8. Ignoring the court ruling is a crime. I hope no other incidents happen because of their callous attitude.
    I’m glad you got a dose of cuteness to make your day better 😍🥰

  9. What a cutie. Unfortuantely our oldest dog is well on the way to her last trip to the vet. It is always heart breaking when that decision is needed. I too woke in a foul mood. I was completely out of sorts. Better now.

  10. Emma is so dang cute! It’s hard to imagine having a malamute in Arizona… I hope she stays cool underneath all that fur.

    I had a dog lunge at me on my morning walk today. Fortunately, the dog was leashed but the woman walking him was fairly old, so she struggled. I received no apologies from her. I can’t imagine why anyone would take an untrained, aggressive dog out on a public street in a neighborhood where a lot of people are in their yards or walking.

    • I don’t understand it either! There’s nothing like getting lunged at! As for the Malamute, this is my neighbor’s fourth one in 30 years or so. He swears they are fine here. I’ve never seen his previous dog outside except early mornings or at night.

    • Many, if not most, dogs are naturally reactive, but it is easy to correct through training. Most people, however, just don’t invest in it. Canine behavioural problems are always owner problems. We had a more serious series of encounters in our neighbourhood, recounted in “The Family Dog” in my blog. Took steps with the owners to help them, but not sure anything was ever done.

  11. That would put me in a bad mood too. How horrible! But Emma is adorable. Have you seen the dog lately since the visit from Animal Control? People can be so irresponsible. I hope things smooth out soon so you can enjoy your walks.

  12. Wow. Emma and Star could be four-legged representatives of the battle between good and evil, light and dark, love and fear that is playing out on the planet these days. It just reminds me to keep my focus on goodness, light and love rather than darkness, fear and evil. What a contrast. I’m happy that you have Emma on your side of the neighborhood!

  13. I’m so sorry, what a way to start your day! Okay, things that make me happy on a hot summer day: snowcones, watching birds, floating in cool water, writing something inspirational, reading Johnathan Livingston Seagull while Larry serves me a BLT with tomatoes from our garden! Sending you some love and hugs, C

    • I’m so happy for our neighbor to get the puppy. that made me happy. I love your list. Especially floating in cool weather and tomatoes from your garden in a BLT. The “bougie” soil must have worked!

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