Things are going swimmingly

That’s me diving off the blocks at my first US Masters swim meet in 2017. This was a relay and I was anxious I’d dive into one of my teammates in the yellow caps.

I got back in the pool last week and swam Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I’m proud of myself for being consistent and I’m on track for this week too. I asked my husband to go with me on Sunday and after years of him not swimming, he loved it! So, I’m switching my swims during the week from mornings when he works to the afternoons so he can join me.

It’s a healthy fun alternative to our normal neighborhood walks.

The YMCA has an app where you can see if lanes are available and reserve your spot. However, the app has never worked for me. I can see the open spots, but I can’t reserve them. I have to resort to the old fashioned phone call.

When this first happened, I went to the front desk and a young man tried to get the app to work. He gave up and told me I needed a new phone — that my phone was too old. My phone was less than a year old! I prefer the home button on the iphone and Apple still has a model with it. So, my phone may look old to that kid, but it’s relatively new.

Then I contacted the IT people who made the app. They said I had to get help from the YMCA staff. I promptly gave up and used the phone to call and make reservations.

A few weeks ago the Y went to a new app. I thought my troubles would be over. But, no I still couldn’t make lane reservations.

I decided to give it another try and stopped at the front desk where a new young man sat. He looked at my phone, got on the computer and quickly solved the problem. On their end, a box had to clicked to make me the internet user.

Now I can make reservations for my husband and me. I can also cancel without having to call the YMCA and say my plans changed.

What apps do you use that make things easier. In what ways do you find technology makes things more difficult?

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  1. When it works it’s great…when it doesn’t….bleh….I like apps for tickets. My problem is, if the Wi-Fi/5G is glitchy, it’s an issue…like sometime on the commuter train, or the theater where my friend and I have a subscription, sometimes I can’t get the app to open. I like my gym app for checking in and scheduling classes. Nook app for reading is a fave. Calendar app. Spotify. But I try to add as few apps as possible

    • Now that the YMCA app works, it’s very handy. I forget sometimes when I made my lap swimming reservation. I had to call and ask if I didn’t put it on my calendar. Now it’s on the app.

  2. I like my fitbit app. I am lucky so far that my local pool is not that busy on Sunday. After I finish swimming aerobics which is challenging in the deep end (1 hour class), there are many lanes open. It is a good location and not that busy at least on a Sunday. I don’t want to have many apps as I get busy enough on the computer. I do have the NY Post added to my phone for entertainment.

    • I used to like my fitbit app, but I went through two fitbits in two years and decided to let it go. Our YMCA pool has three lanes to swim. Two of the lanes can accommodate two swimmers, so only five swimmers at once. It’s hard to drop in and get a spot. The rest of the pool is a beach type kiddie pool.

      • The area near us Temple Terrace is lovely and not so busy. Recently, an Amazon location moved in which is good for the small community. The rec center is great! We are not in Temple Terrace but very near and able to access the facility and shopping.

  3. Good for you for swimming again! I hate it when I’m using my phone browser and I go to a website and it wants me to use an app that I don’t have.

    • Thanks! Like I’ve said, I’m a slow swimmer, but just getting in the pool makes me feel good. I don’t like using my phone browser and being asked to use an app I don’t have either!

  4. Awesome about getting back into swimming again! Good for you. It is a great form of exercise.
    As far as apps go, I use the WP app the most! I know it was mentioned already, but I really don’t like not having paper tickets for things. I just feel more confident if I have something tangible that I can hold onto. I do really like the Shutterfly App to make photo books, that is a cool one.

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