The joy of old friends

Agave with blooming cactus. I learned the cactus is called Argentine Giant.

Yesterday I met an old friend for coffee. I don’t mean that she is old, but that we were friends for decades. She was a graphic designer that I worked with in Palm Springs.

When I was in my 20s and 30s I worked in public relations and advertising. A hot graphic design firm we used (when I worked in-house for a huge real estate developer) had several talented graphic designers. Something happened at the design firm and the designers I knew went independent. I think there was an issue with getting paid.

I also took the leap and went independent.

It was exciting to start my own business. The camaraderie I had with these amazing women to guide and mentor me gave me the courage. They had experience and advised me of what software to use for bookkeeping, what rates to charge. We referred each other business, too.

The friend I met for coffee yesterday was in this group of entrepreneurial women. She moved to the Scottsdale area 15 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long. She said she thinks the last time she saw me was 20 years ago! Also, she remembered going to my baby shower 30 years ago.

I texted her before we moved and she sent me a list of restaurants, where to grocery shop, all the good coffee shops, etc. At the time, it was during the shutdown so we didn’t get together. Then today I learned her husband had an extended illness and she was the caregiver. So another year went by.

Now that I’m over COVID we finally got together. I’m smiling the rest of the day.

What gave you joy today?

30 thoughts on “The joy of old friends

  1. It’s so lovely to meet ‘old’ friends. I have many living in other cities and countries but when we get together, it’s a wonderful feeling.

  2. Glad you got together EA! For me it was literally walking in the sun. It’s hard to remember what that looks and feels like up here 😉

  3. Yesterday I went to the botanic garden so flowers and colors for the win. Today I tried a new workout class and it was wonderful

  4. This….made me chuckle: “Yesterday I met an old friend for coffee. I don’t mean that she is old, but that we were friends for decades.” I’ve needed to edit myself that exact way…more times than I can count — you made me smile! And cheers to making time for friends who were on our path. Sounds like she was very present for you when you needed her…around for the magic moments…and how lovely that you connected now, knowing that she’s dealt with healthcare and illness issues for her husband. I bet visiting with you was like a dose of heartfelt medicine! And…the photo of the blooming cactus? Wow! A stunner! 🥰

  5. The booming cacti is of the Cereus family, hildmannianus or spiny edge cactus to be precise. The blooms on yours are fantastic! What gave me joy today? Knowing the freaking name of your cacti!

  6. What gave me joy today-knowing the husband finished the crown molding and did not need my help today, so I enjoyed my morning! We have a Cereus. It gets very dry. Yours is in beautiful shape. Do you have to do much to take care of it or just leave it to the wilds? Sometimes you can overwater cactus. It is very finicky!

    • The one in the photo is from our neighborhood park. I haven’t looked to see if they put a drip on it or not. The ones in our yard aren’t in bloom yet. We did lose a gorgeous saguaro because we had the sprinkling system redone when we moved here and the gardener put water to it! Ugh! Glad you had a fun free morning!

  7. How fun to get together with an old friend. I’ve recently gotten reacquainted with a friend who recently returned to Durango. It had been about 25 years since we last saw one another, but it has been a great pleasure to spend time together.

    My joy today was spending time with a fellow history buff/researcher.

  8. The blooming cactus is AMAZING! Being from the Midwest, we don’t have the desert plants, of course, so I’m always amazed at learning about them. Like you, I just saw a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years. It was FUN, as if we had just met yesterday, good friends are like that!

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