Black Cake

I finished reading “Black Cake” yesterday. I highly recommend it. Without giving away the story, I will say I loved the characters — and the story. The story opens in what was called the West Indies with a half Chinese, Black young girl who loves the ocean and swimming.

She learns to cook black cake with other women in her village. Black cake is a traditional cake at weddings in the Caribbean and plays a central role throughout the book.

The characters are all strong. The story covers three generations of the same family. The children are in their 40s when they discover secrets about their family’s past.

“Wilkerson debuts with a shining family saga that stretches from the 1960s Caribbean to present-day Southern California….Readers will adore this highly accomplished effort from a talented new writer.”

–Publishers Weekly

What books have you read lately that you can highly recommend? I need more good book ideas.

25 thoughts on “Black Cake

  1. I’m in a book drought. Everything I seem to pick that sounds interesting turns out to be something I don’t want to read.

  2. Black Cake sounds like a great book — thanks for the recommendation! I just finished reading Remarkably Bright Creatures for my book club and it was incredible! An elderly women keeps busy with a janitorial job at the aquarium after her husband passes and befriends a resident octopus, who is able to offer clues into the mysterious death of her teenage son many years earlier. It’s smart with charming characters, and a captivating writing style… one of the favorite books in recent history!

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