Quest for Mexican Food

A Mexican restaurant built around a lake.

Outside of Mexico, we haven’t been thrilled with the Mexican restaurants in our new area. There is one that is pretty good, but it’s a 45-minute drive away. In California, we had several favorites within walking distance. I think we get used to a certain flavor and anything else doesn’t satisfy the craving for Mexican food.

We tried a restaurant in Cave Creek for lunch Saturday called El Encanto and I was thrilled with the setting. It was built around a lake (man-made) that was teeming with ducklings, turtles and koi. They have indoor and outdoor seating with most of the tables with fabulous views. We had a window seat and I could have stayed there for hours!

Ducklings, a Mallard and a turtle resting on a rock outside our window.

The food was decent too. I wouldn’t say the best ever, but very good compared to other places we’ve tried. I found it a bit pricey, but the view made it worth it.

Is there anything cuter than these ducklings swimming with their mom?

When you go out to eat, what is your favorite type of cuisine? Is the setting or atmosphere as important as the food?

43 thoughts on “Quest for Mexican Food

  1. The ducks are so adorable! Love the way you described the restaurant. As for me, I like to eat at a restaurant with a view. I don’t like eating next to the street (car noise bothers me). Otherwise, I would rather order take out and eat at home.

  2. That provides some fun ambiance with the wildlife! I rarely eat out but if I’m going for a nicer, pricier experience I definitely don’t want a noisy crowd ๐Ÿ˜‰ Humans that is…the wildlife is fine!

  3. Part of enjoying the food is the ambiance! Cheers to finding a beautiful place…and for sharing the pics…like ‘dinner and a show’! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  4. My favorite cuisine can be classified as “abundance, and cheap”. We have scads of Cuban restaurants here. I think there must be a city ordinance that requires 12 per square mile, or something like that. We know they are authentic because they are Cuban family run, by Pedro, Pedro Jr., Pedro III and Mrs. Ezmeralda. All of them. In these places, English is the foreign language, but they can ALL make a Cuban sandwich that is bitchin’!

  5. As you might imagine, we are surrounded by good, authentic Tex-Mex restaurants. I’d say move to Texas, but you live in such a beautiful place! You’d have to move to West Texas to get desert terrain.

  6. It has been a few years since we’ve been to El Encanto in Cave Creek. I too loved the setting but thought the food was just ok especially for the price. Have you ever tried Abuelo’s in Peoria? (Bell and the 101) That’s one of my husband’s favs.

  7. What a great setting. I can see why you’d want to stay all afternoon.

    My favorite Mexican restaurant is by Greenlake but they no longer do a lunch service since the pandemic so I don’t get to eat there often. I guess I need to look for a new place as well!

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