What kind of “vert” are you?

brother with two sisters
My Mom, her older brother and my aunt who is 11 or so years younger.

When my family got together to share memories of Mom — while feasting on her favorite dinner of prime rib and popovers that my brother prepared — my aunt (pictured above with Mom) shared several stories. I wrote about the red square contest HERE.

My mom had a funny sense of humor. Even in her later days. When I’d drive her for our favorite sushi lunch, if someone was crossing the street, she’ tell me’d say “Hit her. She’s worth three points.”

Mom’s dad died from stomach cancer at a very young age. My mom was possibly a freshman in college? With her little sister 11 or 12 years younger, my aunt didn’t remember much about her dad. She asked Mom, “What was Dad like? Was he an introvert? Or an extrovert?”

My mom thought for a bit and said, “He was just a regular vert.”

That reminded me of several comments I’ve seen on blogs lately, including my own. We identify as introverts and extroverts.

But are we really one or the other? Is there a combination? Are we introverts more extroverted with people we’re comfortable with? Or is that true for everyone?

What kind of “vert” are you?

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  1. I’m with PK…same…same. Ambivert…love the energy of crowds and people but absolutely need quiet time to recharge. And the need has grown more pronounced over the years. (Love the pic, Elizabeth…it’s so, so good!) 🥰

  2. Oh yes EA, I can be both for sure so I think that makes me an ambivert. I just adapt to what’s going on around me even if I’m not 100% comfortable playing a specific role.

  3. Your mom sounds like she was a hoot! I’ve always identified as an introvert, but I never really considered how much black/white thinking there is a around personality. Everyone is so unique that I’m certain there’s more nuance there.

  4. I’ve never heard the term ambivert before. I thought it was more about the recharge than the enjoyment of social
    situations. Put me and my 5 kids at a large party, we might all enjoy ourselves, but half of us leave exhausted and the other half are making plans to keep hanging out, not wanting the party to end. I’ll look into ambiverts. There is a lot I don’t know!

  5. With people I’ve known for years, I can sometimes appear to be extroverted, but I’m an introvert through and through. Too much people time and I get exhausted. I need the alone time to recharge and get reconnected with myself.

  6. I was told by a therapist that I’m an introvert who can be successfully extroverted when necessary. Since I was told that a long time ago I’ve learned the term ‘ambivert’… which I think describes in one word what the therapist was getting at.

  7. I’m definitely an introvert. I don’t like big crowds of people, even if most of them are friends. I’m usually stationed at one spot for the entire evening. The only time I would say I am a little extroverted is when I am at a show trying to sell my crafts.

  8. Love the answer your mom gave. I have often felt like both, it really depends on the situation, and who I am with. I love being with my friends. Big parties where I don’t know a lot of the people, no thanks! I also love my alone time.

  9. I’m truly an introvert. I do enjoy putting on a performance (as in giving a presentation and such), and I love talking one-on-one with a good friend. But I can be by myself most of the time and enjoy it immensely. Social situations stress and drain me.

  10. What sweet memories and a beautiful way to post the question! I love people – but I also like to be alone. Brian’s answer and your response and Cheryl’s response hit it on the head for me too!

  11. Your mom was a funny lady 🙂 I can do extrovert. And I mostly enjoy it. As a teacher, I can be this way all day long. However, I definitely can only recharge being an introvert. I enjoy the quiet and the thinking time.

  12. I do not feed off the energy of others, so I consider myself an introvert. Others will argue that because I am loud and assertive I’m an extravert. So we’ll say ambivert….but I think there are people who are clearly in one camp or another

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