A walk in the park

Ruth Hardy park

I feel like this park is mine.

I think one of my favorite things about being “back home” is my park. I would take the kids play here when they were young. I met other moms at the park and we’d sit and talk while keeping an eye on the kids on swings, slides, climbing tower and their favorite — a stagecoach. They climb into and on top of the stage coach, acting out adventures.

Then as they got older and left us for college, it was part of my morning routine. A walk around the park. I recognized many of the same people with their dogs daily and we became park friends. Especially when I was taking care of my daughter’s pug Waffles.

There was a 4 p.m. little dog group who met daily to let the little ones play.

Palm trees at Ruth Hardy Park.

A row of palm trees by the tennis courts.

When I homeschooled my daughter for middle school, we’d often start the day on the tennis courts. Hitting and running after balls.

On this Christmas vacation, I’m walking around the park several times a day. I can’t wait in the morning to get out. I keep hoping to see some of my former park friends. On Christmas day I thought to myself, “today I’m going to see somebody I know.” Sure enough my daughter and husband cruised by me on their rented bicycles!

Palm trees in the Wellness Park a few blocks from my old home and the VRBO we’re in.

Where is your favorite place to walk?

15 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. Sounds like your holiday vacation is going well! Living in this small town I can make a circular path around the outskirts and then zigzag back and forth within the boundaries depending upon how long I want to walk. I like watching the houses and yards change by season, and also seeing the dog walkers so I can pet the dogs!

  2. I enjoy walking anywhere and hope I always have that ability. Anywhere new although the mountains and hills of the Catskills-not sure how my mom climbed them in her 60s!! She was in good shape.

  3. My favorite place to walk @ this point, is around the high school track with my wife. Too cold @ the moment…. I think I like the fact we can visit and not have to pay attention to traffic, things to trip over,

  4. I don’t seem to tire of walking on our dirt road in the country. I can pay attention to all the little wonders and great scenery, zone out into whatever is on my mind, maybe have a chat with a neighbor. It’s always worthwhile.

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